Salad Spinner Firework Art

This morning we had the best time making firework paintings. I found on Pinterest Mom's Crafty Space: Salad Spinner "Fireworks" Tutorial. I figured I had an old salad spinner that leaked and Hazel loves using it, so why not. We added water to her red and blue paints including her red sparkle paint. We also added our own touch with some glitter at the end.
 I gave her old medicine syringes to add drops of color. She had two different shades of blue and red and we did them on paper plates. She dropped the colors on the plate in the spinner. One red was almost empty so we just added water to the bottle and used the squeezer. It got a little more liquidy than the others.
Then she spun it. She loves this.
Then she loved pushing the stop button and checking how it looked.
Then we added glitter. Another favorite activity for Hazel.
We made large plates and small plates. I took all the small plates and added letters/words to say "Happy 4th of July!" Punched a hole in them and made a banner for the mantle. The large plates I am thinking of putting "Freedom" on and hanging them on our outside stairs for our barbeque.
After spin art we tried marble painting. We tried it on plates, but didn't totally like it. You can see the small plate above with "of" on it. We tried it on white paper.
Then we did some handprint fireworks. Hazel did not quite get the idea of them, but we had fun. We added glitter to make it a little more realistic.

We have some more ideas for painting fireworks, but they will have to wait for another day.

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  1. Love this salad spinner art - perfect for the 4th of July. Thanks for sharing with the Kids Co-Op!

  2. So wish we had a salad spinner so we could try this. Really cute!

  3. What a wonderful and easy idea for kids, I think we might have to try this one out, even the little one could do this so easy!!

    Mama Of Many Blessings

  4. Oooh, this looks so fun and easy, I love it! I am definitely pinning! Thanks for linking up to Thinky Linky Thursday!
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom

  5. Oh my gosh! Our kiddos are going to love this! Thanks for linking up to "Strut Your Stuff Saturday!" Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow at 8pm MDT for this week's party! :) -The Sisters

  6. That is such a great idea. I think I might have to try this with my boys. Thank you for sharing with us on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you'll join us again this week!

  7. So fun!
    Thank you for linking up to our Pinteresting Party.


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