Readathon 2012

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As summer time begins next week and for many of us it has really started since school is out, it is important to remember to take time to read and to have our children read. As a former teacher I can tell you how much our children forget during each vacation, but they forget so much over the summer. It is important for us as parents to encourage their reading to help them maintain their knowledge and learning experiences.

I know as a parent the summer time often means an increase in social time, family vacations, and just time to enjoy the beautiful weather, however while doing these things we often forget or let our guard down on the educational things. This is what creates the summer slump or the summer slide. (For more ideas about combating this visit PBS Parents.) I know Hazel cannot read yet and I do not plan to teach her unless she starts to on her own, but this is because of our choice to send her to a Waldorf school. However, we always try to read to her each day at least before bed time, but also throughout the day. So this year, I am joining to support Readathon 2012! 

What is Readathon 2012? It is a program where MeMe Tales, PBS Kids, Harper Collins and several other publishers have joined together to help combat the summer slide. The program will be six weeks long and kids will be able to get free books to read in each week's themes. And for every person who signs up at MeMe Tales they will contribute money to send one child to school for a day via The Food for Education Program. Kids will earn badges and certificates for their reading during the program. Parents will have access to many resources to encourage the reading as well as many bloggers sharing crafts and activities to go along with the books.

How do you join? Go to MeMe Tales and create an account. For more information visit this wonderful post at MeMe Tales.

Each week there will be a theme for books. The first week is Animal Fun. I know I cannot wait to see what books we can get for free with that theme. Hazel loves animals!!

So come join me and Hazel in reading this summer with free books (electronically) including stories like Thumbellina, Jack and the Beanstalk and Exploring India and these are all free right now! And if you are like me without a smart phone or Nook or Kindle, you can read the books on your computer.


  1. Countdown till the readathon! Yay!

  2. We've already set a goal to read 25 minutes a day for the entire summer so we should sign up as well.


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