Multicultural Monday: Book Clubs & Readathon Connections

As some of you know, we are participating in both the Summer Virtual Book Club for Kids (look for the link party a little later in our next post) and a Readathon.

As I was reading some Mo Willems books to Hazel the past few weeks to prepare for the Summer Virtual Book Club for Kids, I came across the Knuffle Bunny series. It took us awhile to get Knuffle Bunny Free (the third and final book in the series).  In this book, Trixie goes to Holland to visit her grandparents and loses her beloved knuffle bunny when he gets left on the airplane. When her father calls the airline to ask them to check the plane, he finds out the plane is already headed to China. This gives us an opportunity to look at the culture in two different countries for Multicultural Monday. Since I just got the book, I have not done any of these crafts but wanted to give some resources to you.
--divided by country here is the link for Holland.
--coloring pages, worksheets, favorite characters and of course tulips and windmills
--post written by a guest blogger from Holland...much on art, culture and life as well as a felt board craft.
--written by a kid describing history and life in the Netherlands.

--many different activities and craft ideas including coloring pages from animals to homes and holidays
--animals, fans, hats, drum, and much more
--a good list of crafts for all Asian with a strong showing on Chinese including a Chinese yo-yo
--divided by countries here is the link for China
--many for the Chinese New Year but more general the further you go down
--written from a kid's point of view describing life in China

While checking out MemeTales pre-Readathon I found some free books on their India series. Hazel and I have been enjoying reading some of them from the computer. (Memetales is no longer working.)

The first is about a girl who brings Stickfiggy to visit her grandparents in India and Stickfiggy learns about the country and culture. The second is a story about the wind, but uses the Indian word for wind, vayu to name it. This of course brings us a new country about which to learn.
--written in a kid's point of view of life in India
--coloring pages, worksheets, crafts, animal crafts and more
--peacocks, henna and more
--Learn about India worksheets, maps, famous people and more!

Ok, this is my quick installment of Multicultural Monday. There will be another post later for the Summer Virtual Book Club including the link party. I hope you have been enjoying Mo Willems books as well so you can share with us!

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  1. How fun! I love the around the world component! Just wanted to invite you to stop by and link up your Children Book inspired post (New or Old) in our 6 Week Summer Reading Adventure
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