Outside Play & A Couple Princess Crafts

At last week's Sharing Saturday, I featured 2 Big, 2 Little's Playing with Water. I knew we had to try it and we did. Both Saturday and Sunday. Hazel loved it!! She has a water and sand table, but we found she always put the sand in the water so we made it a sand only table. We took some of the water toys from there and some from her bath for this though. We also used our colored water spray bottles that we used for snow painting this winter.
She insisted on bringing out her chair so she could sit while playing.
She had some of her kitchen toys out from her sandbox as well. She was whisking the color into the water.
Then when she got a color she didn't like anymore, she dumped the water and refilled it.
You know she enjoyed it since we had to do it again today when we played outside.
This time she got her wind-up duck working and checked to see what would float. I told her the duck wanted the water to be orange so she made him orange water.
We also had to make her a house on her swingset. The house we built at school this morning was taken down by the other kids as soon as she switched to another toy and she got really upset so I promised her we would make one outside today. I sewed the edges of these and bought large clothespins. You can see more here. We have also added her pillow pet and a blanket so she has a place to rest in her house.
She also could not wait to try out her new red chair. We had bought her one ages ago and last summer it broke, so she has been asking for a new one. We found one at Christmas Tree Shop and bought it. This is the first time I let her bring it out and opened it up for her. She was very excited about the drink holder even if her sippy cup didn't fit in it.
I know I shared this book before, The Paper Princess by Elisa Kleven. It is a cute story about the adventures of a paper princess a girl draws and cuts out and then the wind blows away. The princess wants to get back to her girl and this is the adventure of getting back home. Well since Hazel is still in the scribble stage of drawing, we found these people cut-outs and bought the girl ones at AC Moore for $1. We used watercolors on them. I tried to make the dress like the forest and the tights like the night sky and the feet like watermelons, but the colors ran. I still think they came out lovely though.
My Princess
Hazel's Princess
The other night I also needle felted Hazel a new princess. I used pipe cleaners in this one for stability. She loves her.

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  1. I never thought of letting them play with coloured water with their outdoor toys - what a great idea

  2. Oh how fun! We are loving the warm weather and love playing outside all day long. Bug would be entertained by this for a while! She loves water play! Thanks for sharing at A Pinteresting Party!

    I also have an outside play party if you'd like to link up:

  3. Very cute paper dolls! My son is in the scribbling stage too and I think this would be a great activity for him. I bet we could even watercolor separate shirts and pants to dress the doll with. Like a mix and match game! Thanks for the great idea! Definitely pinning to my kids crafts board. -Sarah @ Repeat Crafter Me

  4. Looks like lots of fun. My son loves to splash in the water sensory bin and the bath tub, but he doesn't like to get in the kiddie pool, go figure. Anyway, I like the color spray bottles. Thanks for linking up to Thinky Linky Thursday!
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom

  5. Your link has been featured on Thinky Linky Thursday this week. Congrats!


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