How We Spent a Rainy Day

So this morning we looked outside and saw a bunny in our yard. Then the male mallard came for some food. Plus we always have grey squirrels and morning doves, robins, sparrows and some finches around. Hazel was so excited to show me each of them. I love leaving food out for them so we get lots of wildlife in our yard. Then it started to downpour. We decided not to go to our class at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary even though it was not cancelled since it was on and off pouring. Plus we both felt a bit rundown from our overscheduled May, so we decided we needed a day at home.

Our Big Bad Wolf
We decided this was the perfect time to try out Lorie's (from Reading Confetti) idea on Retelling the 3 Little Pigs. When I saw this the other day, I knew we had to try it since Hazel LOVES the Three Little Pigs!! So first we went to our craft room and made the three pigs. We couldn't find our googly eyes, so we had eyeless pigs, but Hazel did not care.
Our 3 Pigs
Then Hazel wanted to paint while we downstairs so while she painted I hot glued the sticks for the stick house. Then when she finished painting we came upstairs and built the straw house and stick house and brick house.
Straw House (with some spots taped)
Stick House (with structure hot glued)
Brick House
Then Hazel put on the wolf nose I made from construction paper and we retold the story acting it out.
The straw house got blown/knocked down. Then onto the stick house.
Then onto the brick house...
Then we had to do the whole thing over. We changed the structure of the straw house to be more like a teepee.

Then we did it again with Mommy being the wolf.

After some lunch and stories, we worked on the favors for our friends (Hazel's godparents' daughter) first birthday party. Her mother asked me to make star shape crayons. I agreed and then found out she wants 100 of them. Needless to say we will be busy doing this for awhile. We spent a bit of time unwrapping and breaking the crayons. Luckily the ones our friend bought unwrap relatively easily!! I made a few trays of them. Unfortunately our star mold only does 6 at a time so we need to make it 17 times. The party theme is red, white and blue since her birthday is Memorial Day weekend, but they didn't want to buy that many boxes of crayons to do them in red, white and blue, so they are rainbow. For directions, I blogged about it here.
Then my little girl wanted to play fairy dance. She literally dressed as a fairy and danced around. I really should have pulled out the video camera for you to get the full effect, but it was fun to watch her show.
She kept asking me sit down to watch the show.
Then she wanted me to be a fairy with her. So she dressed me up as the butterfly fairy and we danced together.

Then she wanted to switch costumes. This of course gives you a better view of the butterfly fairy costume. The wings are a bit big for her.
Her pink wings were too small for me, so she decided I needed a feather boa instead.
Sorry all the pictures of me were taken with me holding the camera away from myself. So how do you spend a rainy day?

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  1. Looks like a fun rainy day, here in Oregon we have lots of rainy days, when we were kids we always had "rainy day" kits full of stickers, color books, water color and activity books. They were always nice to have on hand. Love the butterfly wings. :)

  2. That looks like a FUN rainy day!
    We spend rainy days having picnics in the living room or tea parties at the coffee table. We sometimes do crafts or gather around and watch a fun movie together.

    I love all of the projects you did!
    I'd like to invite you to link them (and any other projects/recipes you'd like) up on my first link party.
    Your readers are welcome, as well!
    I hope to see you all there! :-)

  3. Thanks for the link! I'm so glad you did the 3 little pigs too! Love your boa! :)

  4. What a fun-filled day! I love the 3 little bigs! Definitely going to try that with my preschooler.


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