Happy Family Times #8


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This week we spent Saturday as a family. We started our morning going to the local zoo--Stone Zoo. We have a family membership there, but hadn't used it since we renewed it last month. We finally got a gorgeous day with little plans so we headed over there. The first animal we saw was the American Bald Eagle. They also have a replica of its nest.

Then we went to see the black bears. They are two brothers. Some days we have caught them playing with one another, but I think today it was near feeding time since the one above went to the door and stayed there after having a drink of water in their "pond." His brother however had a great time with the big blue ball!

 Then we saw the llamas and owls. Hazel couldn't see the Great Horned Owl, so Daddy picked her up.

The coyotes could not be found. And usually we always see the cougar and jaguar doing something fun, but today they were both sleeping. Not too exciting. We did see a snake drinking water. The picture of the snake didn't come out too well, but here are Steve and Hazel checking it out.
We saw a few more caged animals and then we went to see Hazel's favorite--the flamingos!!
Then we went into the inside displays. The pictures did not come out well in there for the most part. Some of the "glass" was dirty and it also reflected light. Then we stopped at the gift shop. We picked up some postcards for Hazel's penpals and a present for each of us. Then the river otter was out and swimming.
They have several types of monkeys or monkey like animals. Some were sleeping and one was hanging on the edge of the cage checking us all out.
Next we saw the white cheeked gibbon family. They had a baby in the fall!
The father, the black one, is one armed. He lost part of his arm at his previous zoo when a visitor tried to feed him something or threw something in to his cage. They have a sign telling the story. He gets around pretty well all things considered. Here he was sleeping though.

Next we took Hazel to dig for dinosaur bones. This is the first time we took her to this part because of her age and the crowds that can be there. She seemed to enjoy it. It is also right next to their Birds of Flight Show. We skipped that due to timing, and I think Hazel would be scared and it is not something you can get out of during the show. Then we decided to go have lunch. We had brought some sandwiches but headed over to the grill for some French fries and so Hazel could go on the rides. We brought quarters from her piggy bank for the rides. Here are a couple of them.

Then we went through the barnyard and or course Hazel wanted to play on the playground there. She had fun. Oh, and I got someone to take a family shot of us. And it actually came out pretty well.

Then we saw the zebu. I had never seen or heard of a zebu before going to this zoo.
Then we got really lucky. The snow leopard was out! Steve had never gotten to see it before. And this was the best view I have ever gotten of it.
We walked up to see the wolves but they were not out. We did see the black necked crane. And the snow leopard was still out on our way back down the hill. Then we saw the markhors. Then we quickly went down the path with the foxes, porcupines and barnyard owl. By this time Hazel was getting tired so we hurried through, but on our way to the path we saw this little turtle not in a cage but on the path.
Then we were on our way to our local Rite Aid. They were having a fundraiser today for Children's Miracle Network. All the proceeds from it would go to the Children's Hospital in Boston. They had Elmo there. Hazel did not want to leave once we were there. She loved sitting next to Elmo and she even got pictures of her with Elmo and the store manager and the assistant manager--two of her three friends at the store.  Rite Aid is like a second home to us.

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  1. Great idea for a link-up, Carrie! Thanks for hosting.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time at the zoo, we have enjoyed zoo outing with our kids for many years, the animals are so fun to see, your zoo looks like a lot of fun! Great family picture, and great picture of Hazel with Elmo, how fun!


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