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Magical Forest Fairy Crafts Through the Seasons -- a Crafty Weekends Review & Link Party

Disclosure: I was given this ebook in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Are you getting ready for the holidays? We are and are loving it. Today I am sharing a fun book for kid crafters or for adults to make crafts for or with kids. This book reminds me of our Waldorf days perhaps because they always had their first Forest Fairy book on sale at the holiday fair at the Waldorf School. Afterall fairies are part of the magic of Waldorf. The book is Magical Forest Fairy Crafts Through the Seasons by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie. 

Fairies and Love Bug Dolls

So yesterday I was considering posting some of our crafts for the Chinese New Year or Valentine's Day, but when I came home from my Christian Education meeting at church, I didn't feel like formatting pictures and doing it, so I put it off until today. Then I was checking out some of my favorite blogs (which I have not been doing as regularly as I would like) and noticed that The Magic Onions is holding a giveaway of Margaret Bloom's new book, Making Peg Dolls
Making Peg Dolls by Margaret Bloom book cover

Now I remember awhile back when Margaret mentioned to me in email that she had just gotten the deal for the book, but she was still keeping it low key. I am so excited for her and am so inspired for her. So my next stop of course was to check out we bloom here (Margaret's blog). Well on Monday, she kicked off her blog book tour and the post on The Craft Crow included a book review and a tutorial on love-bugs. I felt inspired, so I went and found some peg dolls and some clothespins as well as my paint markers and some flowers I had been saving for making flower fairies, felt and a few of our leftovers from different Valentine's Day crafts. I made two peg dolls--one a love-bug inspired by The Craft Crow's and a little flower fairy that I'm calling a snow drop fairy.
For the love-bug I painted the body red and cut pink felt stripes. I used a pink felt heart for wings. Then I cut a sparkly pink pom pom in half and it sort of fell apart, but I used it to cover the head. I painted a face on making the mouth heart shaped and then used a pipe cleaner as antennae.
For my little snow drop fairy, I painted the body light blue. Then used a fabric white flower (probably a daisy) as a skirt. I thought the light blue did not show up well so I went over the part showing with a more turquoise color. I used a white felt heart for the wings and painted on a face and hair. Then glued the same type of white flower together to form a hat. 

From the clothespins I made a chrysanthemum fairy and a queen of the flower fairies.
For the chrysanthemum fairy, I had flowers that were almost the same in two sizes. I used two large flowers on the bottom for the skirt and then used about five small ones for the top of her dress. I cut a pink felt heart in half and glued them together point to point for wings. I gave her a face and hair with paint markers and then put a sparkly plastic flower sticker for a hat.
For my queen of the flower fairies, I used a large felt flower for her dress and a small fabric flower for the collar. I gave her a green heart for wings and painted on her face and yellow hair. Then for her crown I used zig zag decoration and wrapped it around to be a rosebud. It takes quite a bit of glue and holding to get it to stay but you can also just pass a few stitches through it. My sewing stuff was not near me and I was being lazy. Then I just glued it on.

It was so fun to be inspired to craft again. Hazel is very excited to have some surprises this morning as well. How have you been inspired by something lately?

The Fairies at the Spring Ball

Today Hazel and I had fun with our fairies. While she was playing other things, I made her some new flower fairies and we decided they were getting ready to go to a spring ball. Then I remembered my prize from a dollhouse contest I entered pre-Hazel that I hadn't done anything with since I had Hazel by the time I got it. I haven't done much with my dollhouses since having her, but will get back to it again soon hopefully. She loves playing with them. Anyway, we put it together quickly and I grabbed some fairy lights to decorate it and some rose petals and some of her tree house furniture. Then we had the ball set up. I've had a story going through my head so maybe I'll tell it to you and get it down on paper or at least on a screen.

The Spring Fairy Ball
All the young fairies were so excited to go the Spring Ball. They all were putting on their best dresses--nice fresh flower petals and all. Many of the youngest did not have their wings yet, but Little Pink Rosebud's wings had just grown in so she was really excited to show them off. As one of the smallest fairies she hoped having them would help her feel bigger.

Lily and Tulip had the opposite height problem and since neither of them had their wings yet, they felt a bit self conscience due to their height. They were a bit embarrassed to be so tall and adult looking without wings. Still they put on their prettiest flower dresses and did the best with their green hair.

The Iris Twins were very excited but were not happy they both decided to wear the same color flowers. At least their hair color would enable people to tell them apart and of course Francine's new hat would stand out as well. In fact many of the older fairies wished they had guided her on clothing choice once they arrived--especially Mother Hydrangea.
Mother Hydrangea was dressed elegantly as always and went to help Princess Forsythia and Princess Peony with their clothing selections.
Princess Forsythia took her notes directly from Mother Hydrangea's style. It showed, but she looked beautiful and loved her petal tiara.
Princess Peony was dressed to the nines using two flowers for her gown and her leaf tiara stood out so nicely.
All of the young fairies wondered how the ballroom would be decorated. They had all been by the grand gazebo before but never on a Ball Night. They couldn't wait to see it. Of course it was decorated with fairy lights, flowers, petals and some wooden chairs and a table for refreshments.

Mother Hydrangea escorted the princesses to their first ball. She then chose the chair next to the refreshments to watch all the young fairies dance the night away.
Mother Hydrangea could not believe it when she saw the Iris Twins. Francine's leaf hat was a bit large for her head. Tulip seemed to be blocked by it all evening.
Little Pink Rosebud was so excited to show off her wings, but she hadn't learned to use them yet to fly so she blended in with the pink rose petals scattered on the floor. Truth be told, Princess Peony blended in as well.
They all had the grandest time though. Now they cannot wait until their next ball. At the Summer Ball, the male fairies will be there to dance as well.

To make the fairies, I used a pipe cleaner, a fake flower (or two for some), some roving or yarn for hair, a wooden bead and some of the leaves from the fake flowers. For the smaller type of flowers I also used a piece of felt to make the dress and then decorate with the flowers.

Cut the pipe cleaner so you have about a third for the arms and fold the bigger piece in half. Stick both ends through the bead and push almost all the way up. Put yarn or roving through the pipe cleaner loop as hair and pull the pipe cleaner all the way down so the bead holds the hair in place. Now you can either put a piece of the flower on the pipe cleaners or add the arms (twist smaller piece of pipe cleaner around to be arms. Then do the opposite thing that you didn't just do. Dress in flower petals and then roll ends of pipe cleaners to be hands and feet and to protect little ones from sharp ends. (You can also wrap the pipe cleaners with embroidery floss, but this is time consuming and uses a good amount of floss and I decided not to bother this time. Hazel wanted to play right away. You may need to glue some of the flowers on to be hats, etc. Then for wings glue two leaves on.

By the way, we have been enjoying Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane. It is about a girl who goes on a vacation to an island off the coast of Maine with her parents. They find in the woods a sign about building fairy houses and the rules of the woods. She of course builds one and checks on it each day to see if she can spot a fairy. Instead she sees various animals enjoying her house. It is a very cute book and has a great ending and then at the end has instructions/suggestions on building fairy houses in any season. Sorry I don't have a picture of the book, but apparently there is a series of them.

Themed Play Dates -- Oriental Trading Products Review

Disclosure: I was sent these items to review free of charge from Oriental Trading. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. I am including links to the products for your convenience but do not receive anything if you buy from them.

Perhaps it is my love of planning parties and such, but I love throwing themed play dates for Hazel and her friends and Hazel really enjoys them. This summer we have had or will have three different themed play dates and we used some products from Oriental Trading to make them even more fun. The themes are fairies, mermaids and Bible stories: Creation and Noah's Ark. 

Welcome, Spring!! Spring Craft Round-Up

What comes to mind when you think spring? There are so many wonderful parts to spring. The weather gets warmer; the flowers bloom; the world seems to wake up and then there are all the animals that return. Since spring officially began today at 12:57 p.m., I thought we would do a round-up of my spring crafts, activities and books so far on Crafty Moms Share. I will do an Easter round up another time and I did a Lent round up a couple of weeks ago.

Fairy Garden 2012

Come to the side of our house, and you will be greeted by a lovely planter of flowers, but if you look closely you may see a little more.
 You may see the fairy house and pond and if you are really lucky you may see our little fairy, Elizabeth, (Hazel is naming just about everyone Elizabeth these days) dipping her feet in the pond to cool off or tending to her garden.

Last Friday I posted about The Magic Onions Fairy Garden Contest. Over the weekend, Hazel and I planted and started working on her garden. I love this idea of bringing some of the fantasy world to live. It gets her planning and thinking even more than she already is with her imagination.

First, we went to the store to pick out some flowers for the garden. She wanted a red geranium, some orange marigolds and various pink and purple petunias. We also bought a large pot to plant them in and start our fairy garden.

We filled the pot with dirt. and then found some sticks to make a fairy house and we used a piece of bark for the roof. We also used an old cupcake liner container to be a pond by the house.  then we planted the flowers where Hazel wanted. Then she added some rocks to be a path. We also added a small fairy that is meant to decorate a flower pot (she has a hook to hang from the edge on her back).

Hazel decided it needed some acorns and pine cones. We put the acorns around the pond. At this point Hazel got distracted and didn't really finish. She talked about pine cones and shells. So we waited a few days and finally added them.
We decorated with the shells and pine cones and we also used some shells as seats by the pond and in the flowers.
Now we will share at The Magic Onions to enter the contest. I hope you will join us in entering.
This is where I link up...

Simple Spring Needle Felted Projects

Today I have a quick post for you. I made these crafts about a month ago and was inspired by the beautiful needle felted bunnies shared at Sharing Saturday by ZingZing Tree: Needle Felt Easter Bunny (Cookie Cutter). But before I get into my crafts a few quick May Announcements!! First Happy Belated May Day!!

Virtual Book Club for Kids
The author for Virtual Book Club for Kids this month is Mem Fox!! Join us starting May 12th for posts about her books!

This month we are stopping in Croatia. Join us starting May 19th for exploring Croatia and the fun dishes we all make.

Now for my needle felting. I used some Easter cookie cutters to make these shapes. I did not have as cute of a bunny cookie cutter as ZingZing Tree, but I did have a tulip and a jumping bunny.

The bunny is very easy. You put your roving into the cookie cutter and then felt it trying to make sure the entire shape is filled in. You also will want to flip your shape (and cutter) to felt both sides. I am thinking of adding an eye, but haven't done it yet.

The tulip I made three dimensional. I needle felted two tulips from our cookie cutter and then cut one in half and needle felted it to the middle line of the first one. Then I added a green stem. I used a pipe cleaner in the stem to make it more steady, but it still bends. Of course many tulip stems bend too, so I like it.

Today feels like the first day of spring. It is actually suppose to finally warm up a bit. Hopefully the warm will stay this time!! I am not liking this cold spring. Everything around here is behind as a result. Happy May!!

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Spring Fever: Planting Hazel's Meadow/Garden

Spring has finally hit our area. It is hard to believe it is already May and the temperatures are just getting to be springlike. After school and gymnastics class, Hazel wanted to come home and get outside. I didn't blame her. She asked if she could plant some flowers in her garden. A few weeks ago we read Henry Cole's On Meadowview Street and Hazel wanted to do what Caroline did in the book.

In this book, a young girl named Caroline moves into a new house on Meadowview Street. While her family is settling in she decides to see if there is a meadow on Meadowview Street. On her way to see, she sees one lone flower growing in the middle of the lawn. She wants to save the flower and finds some sticks and string to rope it off. As the flower grows more flowers come up and she expands her meadow. Birds and bugs come to visit and soon she wants a tree. Eventually her whole yard is a meadow and some of the neighbors follow suit. 

Since we don't have a random flower in the middle of our yard, Hazel decided she would do it in her garden. Last year Steve dug me a new garden with better sunlight, so my old garden became Hazel's. It has my oregano and our raspberry bushes in it, but otherwise is hers to play and/or plant. Since she wanted a meadow, I bought her some butterfly and hummingbird flower seeds. We also found all the flower seeds from the past couple years that hadn't been finished. We figured we can see what will grow. The first thing we had to do was get rid of the weeds. Hazel took out her hoe, but I didn't get any pictures of it. Steve dug up some of the oregano (which has taken over this garden the past few years) and then our landscaper came and he wanted some to take home so he dug up the rest of what I didn't want. Once the weeds were up, Hazel began planting the seeds. I planted some of the milkweed seeds we found in the beginning of April. Then I explained to Steve that she wanted to rope it off like the girl in the book. He pulled out some of my stakes and I gave them some string. 

We also released her ladybugs today. They did not seem to want to leave their plastic home, so we put it in the garden.

Hazel had so much fun, digging, planning and planting. I hope some of it grows for her, but I figured we can always buy some annuals if they don't. For now the fun is just the hope and getting out there. Plus we let her do what she wanted with all the seeds. She asked for help with pouring them into her cup.

She and I discussed where to plant the sunflowers. This year I bought her pink sunflowers (Ms. Mars from Burpee). I hope they grow since she is so excited for them. I also found an old pack of yellow sunflowers and we mixed them up for her. 

Steve asked if she wanted a scarecrow for her garden and put it in for her. Then he helped her rope it off (while I took a nap). 

When Hazel came in, I ran out to get a picture of the final product. They added some more things like a "Welcome to my garden" sign and fences. Hazel also wants to put her wooden bird feeder and bird bath that she and Steve put together. That may be tomorrow's adventure.

Hopefully later in the year, we will have a butterfly and hummingbird paradise. I'll let you know!

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Easter Flower Fairy Peg Dolls

So last week I shared with you a few of my animal peg dolls for Hazel's Easter basket. Today I'm going to share a few more. I made her a daffodil fairy and a tulip fairy.
I painted the two bodies green and then cut green leaf wings. For the tulip I cut two pieces of petal strips and glued them on as a crown after giving her a face and hair.
For the daffodil, I did her face and yellow hair and then cut out the petals and the inner strip. On the inner strip I added a little pink since I did not have orange paint marker. 

Now I want to do a sheep peg doll and a Jesus peg doll and I then I'll sew some felt animals for her as well.