Spectacular: Miracles of Nature -- Book Review


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Our planet is full of beauty. Often we take it for granted but when on vacation or in a moment of peace we notice how amazing it is. Today I am sharing a new book (released today) that shares some of the amazing places from around the world that show nature's beauty. Plus, there are even some notes about the science behind it. The book is Spectacular: Miracles of Nature by Philippe Nessmann and illustrated by Alex Asfour. It is recommended for ages 5 and up.

From the Publisher:

Discover Earth's amazing beauty! Pink lakes, giant crystal caves, ice flowers, and polar lights are some of the spectacular natural phenomena featured in this large format book. The stunning illustrations are accompanied by fascinating facts about the phenomena and the science behind them.
• Supersized spreads with eye-catching illustrations that capture readers' attention
• Bite-sized explanations about each phenomena
• Educational content reviewed by experts

An indispensable resource for any child's library!
• Great family and classroom read-aloud book.
• Nonfiction books for kids
• Educational books for elementary school students

From Me: 

This book takes us around the world to see sights we may not know about. Did you know about the Rainbow Mountains of China? I hadn't heard of them. It takes around and inside the Earth and it explains how some of the places were created by nature. As I read the book, I thought of Hazel's former science teacher who retired last spring. She would love this book and would have wanted it for her classroom. It is such an interesting book.

Each page is full of color and information. It takes us to different places around the world on each double page. There is a small blurb about the place and then on some pages the science is explained on how this amazing place exists due to nature. It is interesting to read and learn about some places that are not your typical tourist sights. The book tells about desert, caves, rivers and ocean. There is information about places like the Dead Sea as well as information about the weather (like tornados). This book is perfect for an elementary school classroom studying Earth science. 

It is also perfect for the child who loves to learn about the world around them. The words are easy to understand and the explanations and descriptions will make sense even to young children.  Are you ready to take a child on an adventure from home? This book will do it. If you read it together, I am sure you will learn something as well. I hope you will check it out!