Potatoes for Pirate Pearl -- Picture Book Review for Hunger Awareness Month


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Do you know that September is Hunger Awareness Month? About ten years ago I joined with other mom bloggers to bring more awareness to the month. We shared different activities to help kids understand the need for food and how people across our country are food insecure. According to Feeding America 34 million Americans are food insecure and 9 million children in America are as well. (Source) Today I am sharing a new picture book that spreads information in a fun way about nutrition, hunger and even a bit about growing food. The book is Potatoes for Pirate Pearl by Jennifer Concepcion and illustrated by Chloe Burgett. It is recommended for ages 4 to 8.

From the Publisher:

This pirate-packed and hilarious read-aloud is an entertaining way to introduce young readers to where their food comes from.

Join Pirate Pearl and her parrot Petunia as they learn how potatoes are planted, grown, and harvested in this hilarious debut picture book about food and friendship.

Pirate Pearl and her parrot Petunia are HUNGRY, and after they make the hardtack biscuits walk the plank, they go in search of a perfect provision for their next sea voyage. Where do they end up? On Farmer Fay's potato farm! Farmer Fay shows Pirate Pearl how potatoes grow on the farm and how potatoes can be cooked into many different delicious potato recipes.

Pirate Pearl and Petunia not only gain an understanding of farming but also a new friendship with Farmer Fay! Back matter is packed with potato facts, information on growing your own potatoes, and recipes.

From Me:

This is a fun book that teaches the reader all about food, where it comes from and the nutritional parts of it and it does it in a fun manner! Pirate Pearl and Petunia are sick of their hardtack biscuits (who wouldn't be), but they are really hungry. What are they going to do? They luckily find land and on the island is Farmer Fay and her potato farm! Throughout the story Farmer Fay teaches Pirate Pearl and the reader about growing potatoes and the nutritional value of them. 

There are several things I love about the book. First, I love that all the characters are female! Pirates and farmers are not usually female, so this is wonderful to read! Farmer Fay also has darker skin, so the book is multicultural. I also love the science mixed with information about the growing of potatoes and the nutritional value of them. At the back of the book is a recipe for potato soup as well as hardtack biscuits. There is also information about growing potatoes in large containers and facts about potatoes.

I love how informative the book is and how fun it is too. Pirate Pearl is quite the character. Kids will love this book. It would be great to introduce a food unit or growing food unit. The perfect activity to go with the book is to grow potatoes in containers and make potato soup. I hope you will check it out!