Grady Whill and the Templeton Codex -- Review & Giveaway


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am working with The Children's Book Review and Carole P. Roman and will receive a small stipend for my review. All opinions are my own.

Looking for a fun book for middle school and high school kids? Do they love super heroes and adventure? Check out today's book, Grady Whill and the Templeton Codex by Carole P. Roman. Now I will admit I love Carole P. Roman's books for younger children in the past and shared several of them here before. Carole has also been an author sponsor of Multicultural Children's Book Day in the past as many of her books, including this one, are multicultural. 

From the Publisher:

Grady Whill and the Templeton Codex Written by Carole P. Roman

Ages 8-18 | 243 Pages | Publisher: Chelshire, Inc. | ISBN-13: 9781950080434

Publisher’s Book Summary: Templeton Academy, the superhero high school, is finally open!

The prestigious academy is recruiting the best of the best to enroll in its student body. The school is as mysterious as it is exclusive. Grady Whill thinks there is nothing special about him to make the grade. However, his best friend, Aarush Patel has been selected and thinks Grady has the right stuff. Even school bully, Elwood Bledsoe is attending.

If Grady is fortunate enough to be picked, his guardian has forbidden him to attend. Will a family secret prevent Grady from becoming the superhero he was destined to be?



Carole P. Roman is the award-winning author of over fifty children’s books. Whether it’s pirates, princesses, spies, or discovering the world around us, her books have enchanted educators, parents, and her diverse audience of children of all ages.

Her best-selling book, The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids: 800+ Jokes! has reached number one on Amazon in March of 2020 and has remained in the top 200 books since then.

She published Mindfulness for Kids with J. Robin Albertson-Wren.

Carole has co-authored two self-help books. Navigating Indieworld: A Beginners Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing with Julie A. Gerber, and Marketing Indieworld with both Julie A. Gerber and Angela Hausman.

Roman is the CEO of a global transportation company, as well as a practicing medium.

She also writes adult fiction under the name Brit Lunden and has created an anthology of the mythical town of Bulwark, Georgia with a group of indie authors.

Writing is her passion and one of her favorite pastimes. Roman reinvents herself frequently, and her family calls her the ‘mother of reinvention.’ She resides on Long Island, near her children and grandchildren.

For more information, visit

From Me:

This book builds up its main characters slowly. We meet Grady and his best friend, Aarush. Aarush is Indian American and on the spectrum. Their goal is to get into the new secret high school that seems to refer to teaching superhero skills. Grady is an orphan. His parents died in an accident when he was an infant. He was brought up by his grandparents, but they died. Now he lives with his uncle who is only around 30. His uncle is not too keen on this new school but won't give Grady a good reason. When Grady gets in even when he didn't submit an application, they have to come to terms with his schooling. Yet when Grady goes to leave for the school his uncle makes a comment about it being his birthright. The school is unique and interesting but also intense. 

I love how this book is multicultural. The school is well described and so unique. I also love how Grady's late parents are tied into the story. Grady's adventure at this unique school gives him a future as well as his past. I also love that Aarush is on the spectrum. Throughout the book we hear about his ticks and behaviors from being on the spectrum, but we also hear how Grady views them and sees his friend well beyond his autism. There are of course bullies as well. The story will pull you in and you will want to learn about this new school and the adventures of the first year of the school.

This book is perfect for superhero fans as well as for classroom reading. It will interest the sometimes reluctant readers with its action and fun characters. It also has the various philosophies of the codex. There are things about failure and courage and so much more. I hope you will check it out!


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