Dinosaur Atlas -- Review and Craft & Activity Round-Up


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

This past week National Geographic Kids released a new all-encompassing book about dinosaurs. It is the final book in our Back to School with National Geographic Kids series. I am guessing that for the final week of September schools across America have opened now. The book is National Geographic Kids Dinosaur Atlas. It is recommended for kids ages 7 to 10. 

From the Publisher:

Dig into the amazing world of dinosaurs! This one-of-a-kind atlas from National Geographic is packed with eye-popping illustrations, incredible fossil finds, and fascinating maps custom made for kids by the world leaders in mapmaking and exploration.

More than 250 million years ago, our planet looked and felt a lot different from how it does now. The seven separate continents we have today hadn’t yet taken shape. Instead, there was only one “supercontinent” called Pangaea. This was the beginning of the time of the dinosaurs.

Journey from the Triassic to the Jurassic to the Cretaceous to find out how Earth slowly shifted over time, and how the variety of dinosaurs ruling the planet changed too. Discover how some of these creatures took to the land and others to water or air, and what their habitats were like. Explore how these prehistoric lands correspond to current locations and hear from paleontologists about the groundbreaking discoveries they are making in these fossil-rich places today.

Experience the Mesozoic world of the dinosaurs as never before. This is one atlas to sink your teeth into!

You’ll find: * Newly interpreted findings and new art of fan favorites such as T. rex, Triceratops, and Spinosaurus * New info and more recently discovered dinosaurs from less explored parts of the world * Profiles of more than 75 prehistoric creatures * Custom-made, kid-friendly maps of every dinosaur-inhabited continent, from the Pangaea to the modern day, that explain which creatures lived where, what the habitats were like, and where dinosaur bones are being found today. * Eye-popping, full-color illustrations of dinosaurs and the worlds they inhabited. * Profiles of diverse paleontologists from around the world * Special sections introducing the dinosaur family tree, a prehistoric era timeline, the geography of the prehistoric globe, what happened to the dinosaurs, and a dinosaur dictionary.

From Me:

This book starts by going through time starting with the world before dinosaurs. It goes through the different periods that dinosaurs lived and also teaches the reader what a dinosaur truly was. Hazel never had a dinosaur loving period, so I do not know that much about dinosaurs. I was fascinated to learn about how different ones lived in different periods. The book describes the environment of each period and the animals that lived during them 

After looking at time the book goes around the world and shares information about finding fossils and skeletons. It focuses on various countries/areas of each region where significant finds have happened. It also shares which dinosaurs lived in that region of the world and when. In true National Geographic Kids fashion the book is full of illustrations, maps and photographs and of course facts. This is the perfect book for the dinosaur lover or for a dinosaur unit. If you are ready to delve into the world of dinosaurs, be sure to pick up a copy of this book!

Dinosaur Craft and Activity Round-Up:

I have three categories for you today. The first is a round-up from our own adventures and book reviews. The second is dinosaur crafts (mostly paper ones). The third is STEM activities and more. Let me tell you if you are planning a dinosaur party there are activities, favors and more in this round-up!! Also, there is everything you need for a unit on dinosaurs from books to crafts and science experiments! I should also add that I stopped accepting links early because there were so many shared and to sort through. I tried to stick to activities that would work with 7- to 10-year-olds. 

1) Play dough dinosaur play

2) Dinosaur fossil at playground

3) So Cool! Dinos

4) My First Book About Dinosaurs

5) Absolute Expert Dinosaurs

6) Visiting a Children's Museum with a Friend

7) Zoo Exhibit Be sure to look around your area to find great places to learn more about dinosaurs!

8) Dino Dan: Swimming with Dinosaurs DVD

9) Digging for Trouble

10) Microsaurs: Follow that Tiny-dactal

11) Chalk This was a favorite wordless book when Hazel was little!

12) How to Grow a Dinosaur

13) If da Vinci Painted a Dinosaur

I didn't share about it, but we also visited the Natural History Museum in New York City which of course has amazing dinosaur skeletons to see. 

Dino Crafts:

1) Dinosaur Handprint Craft from Mombrite

2) Pop-Up Dinosaur Discovery Eggs from The Soccer Mom Blog

3) Dinosaur Egg Craft from Simple Everyday Mom

4) Pop-Up Dinosaur Juniors from Red Ted Art

5) Stegosaurus Handprint Craft from Simple Everyday Mom

6) D Is for Dinosaur Handprint from Homeschool of 1

7) Moveable Dinosaur Craft from Crafts by Amanda

8) Dinosaur Tissue Paper Craft from Simple Everyday Mom

9) Dinosaur Books Unit Study from The Mommy Evolution

10) Easy Cardboard Dinosaur Feet from Red Ted Art

11) Dinosaur Bubble Wrap Printing from Red Ted Art

12) Bubble Wrap Print Dinosaurs from In the Playroom

13) Dinosaur Coloring Pages from In the Playroom

14) Dinosaur Match and Color Cards from The Wise Owl Factory

15) Printable Dinosaur Activity Page from Artsy Fartsy Mama

16) Popsicle Stick Dinosaur Craft from Books and Giggles

Dinosaur STEM & More

1) Dinosaur Play Dough Eggs from Finding Myself Young

2) DIY Dinosaur Eggs for Pretend Play from Mama Smiles

3) Dinosaur Egg Small World Play Tray from Finding Myself Young

4) Dinosaur Sensory STEM Activities from Team Cartwright

5) Digging for Dinosaurs Sensory Box from Mommy Evolution

6) Hatching Dinosaur Eggs Science Activity from Mombrite

7) Layered Hidden Dinosaur Soap Recipe from In the Playroom

8) Dinosaur Bath Bombs from Artsy Fartsy Mama

9) Dino Easter Basket from Cutefetti

10) DIY Dinosaur Crayons from Lorena & Lennox