The Sisters of Luna Island -- New Middle Grade Novel with Magic, Sisters and Friends


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I am trying to catch up with my reading and I have to admit I am very far behind. (Getting use to my new glasses hasn't helped.) However today I finished a wonderful middle grade novel that has the strength of sisterhood and some magic in it. It is The Sisters of Luna Island by Stacy Hackney. It is recommended for ages 8 to 12. 

From the Publisher:

Twelve-year-old Marigold Lafleur is the last of a long line of aromages: witches who blend scents into practical charms using aromagic. But ever since a terrible accident injured her father and damaged Luna Island, Marigold and her sisters, Birdie and Lou, have vowed to abandon their family legacy and mama’s way of life. Shunned by their neighbors and overlooked by their parents, Marigold relies on her big sisters above all else.

But when Marigold discovers a secret curse that threatens her family, her sisters can’t stop the impending danger. It’s up to Marigold and her best friend, Sam, to uncover the origins of the curse and break the spell. To do so, she must learn to trust her instincts and believe in her own unique magic or risk losing her sisters forever.

From Me:

Marigold knows the other residents of Luna Island think her family is strange. They do not trust her mother's magic except when they are desperate. After the earthquake, she feels like everyone at school is whispering about her. She wants her friends back. She wants her life back. She wants her parents back. Her father has left the island after an accident to recover. Her mother has retreated into the basement to create her charms or is sleeping in and doesn't seem to be present for the girls. That leaves Marigold and her two sisters to run the house, get to school and cook meals. Marigold feels safest with her sisters. They have always taken care of her. Birdie is planning on going to on-line college so she will still be on the island to help out. But then Birdie and Lou start fighting. Lou is acting weird and seems to be spinning out of control and using the aromagic irresponsibly. Could it be the curse that was placed on the Lafluer family centuries ago? How can Marigold end it, so she doesn't lose a sister or both?

This story has some great twists and turns. During the story Marigold has to grow up and become her own person. She has to stop depending on others and has to realize her own worth and talent. She discovers what is truly important and what one is willing to give up to save a loved one. She also finds what a true friend is and how one can be a true friend. I love how the magic is such an important part of the story but also the story is about life. There is the selfish but popular friend who is always judging everyone. There is the best friend who is there no matter what. There is middle school where there are bullies as well as all the social issues that come with it. 

Besides the fact that the story is about three sisters who have similar age differences to me and my sisters, I love how the book pulls in the magic and strangeness of the family to normal middle school life. The magic is not as strange on the island because all of the founders of Luna Island are said to have had magic. The Lafluer family is the only one who still has the powers. It is a heartfelt book about a tween girl struggling to get her life in order. She wants to end the curse. She wants her friends back. She wants the lead in the middle school musical because she is sure it will bring her life back to normal. Then with the help of some magic she has to sacrifice some of her own desires to save her family, the musical and so much more. It is a book that kids will enjoy. The characters are well developed, and the sisters are very different from one another. Birdie is the school loving one who is always studying. Lou is the athletic one. Marigold loves drama. Her best friend, Sam, is into music. It is a fun look at life but with so much more added in. 

Simon & Schuster also offer a free printable Book of Aromagic on their website under Resources and Downloads. I love that the aromagic uses everyday flowers and herbs to create charms! This book has a little something for everyone!