Flower Print Cards -- Fun & Easy Nature Craft


Today I am going to share a fun and easy nature craft. Last year or two I saw a post about hammering pansy flowers and getting a print on fabric. I have no idea whose post I saw. I believe it was on Facebook, but that is about all I can remember. It is a craft you can do with kids, but it involves hammering so watch little fingers! I wanted to try the craft on paper since if I used fabric, I would want to be able to wash it and assumed the print would wash out. I pulled out some blank foldover cards and picked some pansies. I pulled out the hammer and worked in my husband's workroom. My first try did not go as planned. I just put the flowers on the card and began hammering.

The flowers kept sticking to the hammer and thus moving around. So next I covered them with a paper towel. This worked much better.

It is truly amazing how the colors of the flowers stain the paper. You do have to remove the flower debris from the prints. It peels and rubs off pretty easily. Now I wondered what other flowers would work. I decided to try a beach rose next. 

I love how you can see the center portion of the rose as well as the petals. It is not as clear as the pansy, but I still am happy with how it came out. The other flower I tried was the flowers on a blue hydrangea. I think this one would be better with more flowers but I didn't take the time.

What flowers will you use for your own cards? I can see young kids loving getting to hammer them. When I tried to find the original site that I saw I found some tutorials that taped the flowers down. It is a great idea if you have tape that won't stick permanently to the cards.