Fun Facts about Bling! -- Review of Level 3 Reader from National Geographic Kids


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Do you have a rock collector? Young children love to collect rocks, pebbles and more. Today I get to share with you a book for new fluent readers filled with fun facts about rocks and gems. The book is from National Geographic Kids and is Bling! 100 Fun Facts About Rocks and Gems by Emma Carlson Berne. It is a Level 3 Reader and is recommended for ages 7 to 9.

From the Publisher:

Get ready to be dazzled by some of the shiniest, most colorful, useful―and even dangerous―rocks, minerals, and gems on the planet!

In this Level 3 reader, discover fascinating facts about the incredible rocks and minerals under our feet and deep in Earth’s crust. Budding geologists will love reading about how rocks form, learning the names and features of the coolest rocks and minerals, and exploring rare and beautiful gemstones.

Key features include:
  • Expert-vetted text appropriate for ages 7 to 9
  • Brilliant and eye-catching National Geographic images
  • 100 fun facts sprinkled throughout the book* A fact roundup at the end of each book for kids to review what they’ve learned

Packed with weird-but-true facts and tons of cool info, this Level 3 reader explores the incredible world of geology.

About the series: This high-interest, educationally-vetted readers series features magnificent National Geographic images accompanied by text written by experienced, skilled children’s book authors. Each reader includes a glossary and interactive features in which kids get to use what they’ve learned in the book. Level 1 readers reinforce the content of the book with a kinesthetic learning activity. Level 2 readers feature slightly higher-level text and additional vocabulary words. Level 3 readers have more layers of information to challenge more proficient readers. For emerging readers, the Pre-reader level introduces vocabulary and concepts, and the Co-reader level provides a collaborative reading experience.

From Me:

This book is meant for a new fluent reader. It shares facts about rocks, minerals and gems and is full of photographs of them as well. It is smaller and less wordy than other books like Little Kids First Big Book: Rocks, Minerals, & Shells. This book is truly meant for a new reader. It begins and ends with "25 Fun Facts About Rocks and Gems" and then has more fun facts throughout the pages between. At the end of the book there is a round-up of all 100 fun facts in tiny print. The pages have paragraphs to read as well as some fun facts set to stand out in colorful shapes. 

Did you know that ancient Roman soldiers were paid sometimes in salt? In fact, the word "salary" comes from the Latin root word sal which means salt. Not only does it have fun facts like these, but it goes through the types of rocks as well as the characteristics of minerals. The book is full of science as well as history. It is a fun short book with some big words. Many of the rock and mineral names have pronunciation guides next to them. This book will be perfect for the child who wants to learn more about rocks and gems or for a science and history unit. I hope you will check it out.  For more books, crafts and activities to do with rocks, gems, shells and minerals be sure to check out here