At the Sea -- New Picture Book with Flaps to Teach All About the Ocean


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Spring is here. That means summer is almost here and that means the beach! With Earth Day last week, we need to talk about the ocean. Today I am sharing a beautiful, oversized picture book about a trip to the sea that even goes into the Earth Day topics! The book is At the Sea by Emma Giuliani. It has a reading age of 8 to 12.

From the Publisher:

Go on an exciting adventure to the seashore, onto a boat, to an island, and beyond in this vibrantly illustrated, educational, and interactive lift-the-flap children's storybook.

Plum and her little brother Robin take a stroll to the seashore on a warm summer day to discover seashells, plants, and birds, but they soon find much more to explore! After sightseeing at the port, where there are seagulls and boats in the harbor, they sail across the bay to an island where they visit a lighthouse.

With Plum and Robin as guides, children will identify sea creatures like sea turtles, sardines, and jellyfish and learn how to observe beach wildlife in a safe, fun, and educational way. This colorful and entertaining exploration of the sea teaches children about a variety of ecological topics—and ways they can help reduce the impact of climate change on oceans today—in a fun and thoughtful way.

From Me:

The book begins like a book about a trip to the beach. I honestly thought this is what it would be. It talks about the different things you see at the beach and the plants that help the sand and the invasive ones that do not help the beach environment. It also talks about the plastic and liter. 

On each page are flaps to life up and learn more. The pictures are colorful and fun. Plum and Robin are out for an adventure beyond a day at the beach. They go to the port and set sail for the island where they visit the lighthouse and more. The book shares about the types of boats, the animals, plants, the lighthouse and more. It includes the maritime signal flags, parts of the sailboat, warning beacons and more! It also has details and parts of animals and different things about their lives in the ocean or on the beach. It talks about the tides and so much more!

Throughout the book is information about the importance of the ocean to us and information about how the ocean is warming and why. It talks about how the pollution is endangering sea life and how if one animal is endangered it brings a whole food chain into endangerment. There is also information about the buildings usually around the port and what happens at each one. It even has a sailing school for kids to learn how to sail. 

The book ends with a celebration of an oceanographic expedition launch. It shares four missions for the expedition which include studying the link between the ocean and climate, analyzing the plastic pollution, observing the plankton, and taking a census of the threatened animals. This book is such a sweet book filled with information about everything to do with the sea. I hope you will check it out!