Fun New Picture Book about Friends who Share an Adventure and a Collection

 Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

What do you collect? I have a few collections of things like teapots, snow globes and rocks and shells. Today we are sharing a new picture book about friendship, adventure, wonder and collecting. It is recommended for ages 3 to 7. The book is The Collectors by Alice Feagan. 

From the Publisher:

Nature lovers and collectors of all kinds will love this high-adventure quest story about two brave and clever girls who head into the forest in search of something extraordinary.

Winslow and Rosie have been building an impressive collection of natural wonders, and now it's nearly complete. With just enough space left for one final piece, the girls set off into the forest to find something extraordinary. Their journey takes them far --- along the creek, across the valley, through the spruce grove and up the mountain. And while they find many extraordinary things, nothing is just the right extraordinary thing. When the girls find a deep, dark cave, they decide to venture farther than ever before. Surely, a mysterious cave must hold something extraordinary...

Bestselling creator Alice Feagan's distinct cut-paper collage artwork brings this fun quest story to life and packs it with learning opportunities. The story highlights that girls can be adventurous, brave, clever and fascinated by science, and also that the natural world is a wondrous place to explore. From the detailed depictions of the girls' gear to the many portrayals of their extraordinary finds (a gemstone, dinosaur fossils, a rare woodpecker's feather), there are numerous STEM curriculum applications here. The story also offers excellent character education lessons in perseverance, resilience and teamwork.

From Me:

This is a sweet story about adventurous girls who love to explore nature. I could see this book used in a classroom to talk about collections as well as about some of the nature they find and have in their collection. When they have space for one more treasure they go off to find the last treasure to make their collection complete. They find all sorts of things but cannot quite bring them back. There is an extra large gemstone, a gold nugget, a feather from a bird they have never seen, the skull (and full skeleton) of a tyrannosaurus. They even find a cave to explore until they hear a growl from deep inside. They come back empty handed but discover the adventure was worth so much more than one treasure.

Since this book is for younger kids the obvious activity to go with it is a nature walk and collecting treasures. Of course the kids should have field journals just like Rosie. They can record what they see and research what they find. You can also focus on each thing they find. Teach a lesson on jewels and crystals. Teach one on dinosaurs, etc. This book has so many applications and extensions. I hope you check it out!