Fun & Facts Coloring Books Review & Giveaway


Disclosure: I was sent digital copies of these books in exchange for an honest review. I am working with The Children's Book Review and Daniel Gershkovitz and am receiving a small stipend for this review. All opinions are my own.

Today we get to share eleven fun coloring books that aren't just for coloring. They have fun facts about each of the pictures featured in the coloring page. The topics of these books range from animals to vehicles and space. There is literally something for every interest!! The books are We Can Color! Fun & Facts Coloring Books created by Daniel Gershkovitz. They each have 70 pages and are for all ages! Plus there is a giveaway at the end!

From the Publisher:

Who doesn’t love to color beautiful illustrations and learn interesting facts that enrich the mind?

If you also like amazing drawings and cool facts and believe it’s important to impart knowledge and broaden your child’s horizons, the We Can Color! series was created especially for you!

These eleven books cover topics that will interest anyone at any age: Dinosaurs, Vehicles, Aircraft, Space, and Animals from around the world in their natural environment: Farm, Jungle, Ocean, Savannah, Forest, and Desert!

Did you know that the most dangerous animal in the savannah is the hippopotamus? That the oldest koi fish lived to be 226 years old? That some goats can climb trees? And that the terrible T-Rex was not the biggest dinosaurs predator?

How big is the Sun relative to the Earth? What was the first man-made object to reach space? What is the fastest land animal? The tallest? The heaviest?

Did you know that scorpions glow in ultraviolet light? That male seahorses are the ones that get pregnant? That one of the astronauts lost his glove in space? That one of our planets was given its name by a girl in elementary school? And that there is an aircraft that takes off like a helicopter but flies like a plane?

Do you know the speed of the fastest truck in the world? Or how much does the heaviest tractor weighs?

What is the price of the world’s most expensive fighter jet? How much does an Air Force One flight hour cost?

What is the most venomous snake in the world? The most venomous jellyfish? The most poisonous frog? And do you know how to distinguish between a mammal and a fish in the ocean? Or how to tell a jaguar from a panther?

Next to each of the 330 full-page illustrations you can color, there are interesting facts: over 1,375 facts throughout the 11 books!

All the books contain full-page original coloring pages that are not repeated!

The extra-large pages are 8.5 x 11 inches in size!

All the illustrations are single-sided to prevent bleed-through and can be torn out and displayed without losing the images on the back!

All the illustrations and information are suitable for ages 5 and up. Children, teens, and adults will enjoy relaxed moments while coloring and learning fun facts!

The We Can Color – Fun & Facts Coloring Books series includes the following books:

  • The Great Dinosaurs of the Earth!
  • Space Technology and Our Solar System!
  • The Coolest Aircraft in the World!
  • The Coolest Trucks in the World!
  • The Coolest Vehicles in the World!
  • The Great Animals of the Farm!
  • The Great Animals of the Ocean!
  • The Great Animals of the Jungle!
  • The Great Animals of the Savannah!
  • The Great Animals of the Forest!
  • The Great Animals of the Desert!

From Me:

I love that these books have fun facts about the different topics that there are to color in each book. Literally there is a page of fun facts and then a coloring page featuring the topic of the fun facts. 

I shared two from the Space Technology and Our Solar System! to share that it is about space crafts as well as space--planets, stars, moons and more. It even goes into UFOs and aliens. 

The coloring pages range from being easy and great for younger kids to being more like adult coloring books. There is literally something for everyone in these books. Since I received the books digitally I cannot comment on the quality of the coloring pages however the synapsis claims they are thick and good quality as well as removable. Personally I love books that teach you interesting things and allow you to relax a bit and color. Which of the eleven topics interests you the most? I personally love the animals from all the different places. I hope you will check out these fun books. I know they are perfect for at home or classroom use and for kids or adults. 


Enter for a chance to win a set of the We Can Color! coloring books, as well as a Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set! Good luck!

  • One (1) grand prize winner receives: A set of the eleven We Can Color! coloring books, as well as a Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set.
  • One (1) winner receives: A set of six We Can Color! coloring books.

We Can Color! Coloring Book Giveaway