Zendoodle Colorscapes -- Secrets of the Sea -- Perfect Summer Coloring Book

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Can you believe today is the first day of summer? Our spring was very strange with the pandemic. I expect our summer to be strange too. I know I found myself needing things to help me relax. I turned to coloring. You may remember I use to do a weekly coloring book review on Fridays called Relaxing Friday. I stopped due to the number of coloring books I had and I wasn't getting any. However that changes today. Since I was scheduled to participate with the MKB Read Around the World Summer Series yesterday this is a relaxing Saturday post. Today I get to share with you a perfect summertime coloring book and it is brand new!! It was released this week!! It is Zendoodle Colorscapes: Secrets of the Sea artwork by Deborah Muller.

This book has quality pages with the coloring pages printed only on one side. The pictures are fun. Some are fantastical like the seahorse-corn on the cover and some are more realistic, but all are fun and full of doodle shapes to color and add your own personality. I started with the first page which has a mermaid. 

I'm wishing I didn't color in the skin color but love the picture. You can see all the details and the fun of the picture. I then skipped around and found this fun dolphin picture. It is still a work in progress.

At first I questioned having rainbows and flowers on the dolphins but as I colored I realized how fun it was to play with the color and how cute the dolphins are with the designs and colors. This book let's you decide how you want to color and gets you thinking about the ocean and the beach. It is perfect for a summer where you may not get to the beach as much as you want or usually do and is perfect to give you time to relax and slow down. Or give you something to do while you are staying safe at home.  I have noticed Hazel eyeing my new coloring book too. She just hasn't gotten her hands on it yet. I am sure she will start coloring in it soon though. 

Other pictures include things like sunken treasure, sea life of all kinds, even a tropical island at sunset. There is something in here for everyone and they are all so fun and I can't wait to keep coloring. How are you spending your time at home? Coloring definitely makes the time a little easier. I hope you will check out this fun book. Happy summer!!