Outside Personal Paint Party

Hazel had her last day of school this week. To do something special I thought we would do a paint party. It was beautiful out this week. So we decided to try one of the Muse Paintbar's Muse-to-Go paintings. Hazel's favorite in the beginning was Dolphin Delight. It is offered as a free video so that is the one we decided to do. (You can find it under Kids and click the free video button.) We had nice big canvases in our craft supplies as well as the brushes and paints. We took our plastic patio table and covered it with an old tablecloth and put it on the grass in case we spilled. Then we got jars of water, our brushes for each of us, the five basic colors of acrylic paint (red, blue, yellow, black and white), two small paper plates for each of us and paper towels. We used plate stands for our "easels". We set my computer up on a chair next to the table to play the video. If you do not have the supplies in your craft storage they do sell sets of those as well. 

Mom, come on, let's get started!!
Once we were set up and I took a quick photo (which Hazel was ready to start and didn't want to pose), we got started. We followed the instructions on the video the best we could. We definitely need some better brushes. My brush kept leaving hairs all over my painting. Neither of us added coconuts or stars to the paintings which the video did instruct us to, but we are happy with how they turned out. If I was going to do this again I would practice the dolphins before putting them on my painting.

Hazel plans to hang one of them in her work room. The other will probably hang in our craft room as well. I also want to try the Pastel Sunset (under Classic Canvas). 

It was a fun afternoon activity and it was nice to be outside in the shade while we did it! Last summer we did a paint party at Muse Paintbar and had a fun mother daughter outing.
These paintings now hang in our dining room. Have you done a paint party? They are so fun!