A Must Read Novel for every tween, teen, and their parents and teachers #nationalreadabookday

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Did you know today is National Read a Book Day? Well that means we should all be reading a book instead of being on our computers!! However before you log off let me tell you about an amazing book that everyone needs to read.

This book helps touch on the issues of sexual harassment, the #metoo movement, and bullying that plagues our society. It does it in a very every day manner for a seventh grader, Mila. The book is Maybe He Just Likes You by Barbara Dee. It is being released on October 1st and I have to say I hope every middle school and high school add this to their classes (perhaps summer reading list). The lessons in this book are important for everyone from the young woman who may be harassed to the young men who are playing a game or fooling around and do not realize the true trouble they are causing. Parents and teachers should be reading it as well to help with how to deal with it and how to react when a child approaches them with issues. 

Now I am going to start my review by saying I do not have the book in front of me. I gave it to Hazel to read and she never gave it back. In fact I recently saw her reading it again. Yes, the book is that good. 

Mila is in seventh grade and let's face it life can be very tough in seventh grade. For Mila it is even worse than you remember. Her father is gone and her mother struggles to make enough money to support them. As a result some of Mila's clothes are old and a bit tight. Mila has her group of friends though--three girls and a gay boy who was bullied the previous year. Then the boys start touching Mila and asking for hugs and doing weird things. Her friends are divided as to what is happening. One of the girls suggests that maybe the boy just likes her but then there are more incidents with more boys including the one the friend likes. Mila doesn't know what to do. The male friend suggests she report it like he did when he was bullied. She isn't comfortable with this though. Afterall the vice principal she would report it to is male and is the basketball coach and the offenders are basketball players. On top of it all her female guidance counselor is on maternity leave and her mother is more stressed about work than usual. She doesn't know what to do or where to go for help. Then she gets pushed to her limits and ruins the school concert, but her struggle comes out and she gets the help she needs as well as some new friends. The boys also get to hear how their behavior has affected her as well as one of the new friends. 

This book has so many messages in it. First to speak up for yourself. Second to find an adult to help you when you are in this situation. Third for the adults to truly listen and find out what is happening when a tween or teen comes to you for help. This book helps start conversations about what needs to change in our society and how to actually start making those changes. I hope you will check it out!!