Books with Science Experiments #STEM

Disclosure: I was sent copies of these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Are you looking for some fun science experiments to try at home? These books are great for teaching some science or for those kids that just love to explore and mess around a bit with science. We will start with a fun book that is perfect for dog lovers and owners. It is Dog Science Unleashed by Jodi Wheeler-Toppen and photographs by Matthew Rakola. 

Do you have a dog? Learn all about them with this book and let your kids try some of the activities. This book covers dogs from their senses, their body and how it works and stays fit, their brains and tricks and how to pamper them. It includes 22 dog-safe activities to do with your pet. Talk about fun experiments!!

This book is perfect for kids with dogs. Who doesn't want to learn more about their pets and how their bodies and minds work? Plus ways to pamper them at home? How fun!! I hope you will check out this fun book.

Our next book is Mason Jar Science by Jonathan Adolph. Looking for some fun science to do at home? This book has all sorts of activities to do with a mason jar. I am sure you have a mason jar sitting around your house somewhere. The book has experiments in chemistry, earth science, botany, biology, and physics all to do with a mason jar. The experiments give information about the science behind it and then how to do the experiment. 
The photographs are amazing in the book and show the experiments as well as the science in real life. Most of them use things you probably have at home. Thsi book is perfect for homeschools as well as parents that want to supplement the science from school or for the kid who loves to explore with science. I hope you will check it out.

Our next book takes the experiments outside. It is Maker Lab Outdoors by Jack Challoner. 

This book covers nature watch, weather, water, and earth and sky. The activities use things you probably have around the house and some even in your recylcing bin. It even has an experiment in making ice cream!! What kid doesn't want to try that!! 
I love how these books use things from around the house and even recycle some of your items. These are perfect gifts for those kids who like to explore and love science. 

Our final two books go together. One is a novel and the other is the experiment book and they both go with the Netflix series, Project MC2. Have you seen this amazing tween show? It has a catch phrase I love--"Smart is the new cool!" It is about a group of high school girls who use science to help them in their secret agent jobs. Plus they deal with other life issues--boys, friends, etc. It is all about smart girls and making them cool! Unfortunately it looks like Netflix is not making any more seasons and I am finding the cool toys that go along with it are being discontinued and harder to find. The first book is the novel, Project Mc2: Smart Is the New Cool by Jade Hemsworth. 

This novel is based off the first season of the show. Having watched the first season many times with Hazel I have it memorized and found the book goes right along with it. It is an easy read and perfect for the kids who love the show or cannot watch the show and need strong and smart female role models. It is a fun book and it has experiments to try at home similar to what they make in the book. The girls are experts in different things from high-tech gadgets, culinary chemistry, amazing inventor and more. It is really worth a read!!

The Project Mc2: The Pretty Brilliant Experiment Book by Jade Hemsworth is perfect for those smart girls!! The introduction of the book as well the start of the chapters has a bit more of story from the girls. There are four chapters--one for each of the girls in Season One. The experiments range from gravity to circuits and senses and so much more. This is a must have for any girl who has fallen in love with this fun series. I know Hazel is excited to try out some of these experiments and she has added several of the Project Mc2 dolls and their experiments to her wish list. The pages are done in tween style. They look like notes and have doodles on them. So fun!!
This book is perfect for girls who are missing the series and want to experiment like the Project Mc2 girls do. It is a must have for any tween girl who wants to learn more science. 

I hope you will take the time to check out all of these fun science experiment books. They all have such different ideas and so many great experiments to explore our world and learn more science!