Books to Help with the E + M of #STEM (Engineering and Math)

Disclosure: I was sent these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Last Thursday was National STEM/STEAM Day. I shared one STEM book and promised more but it didn't happen, so here is another installment! Today's books are math and engineering related!! Looking for some fun STEM books for your kids 12 and under? Here are a few. The first book we will share is Annie Aardvark: Adding Ants by Susie Olsen and illustrated by Davina "Viv" Kinney and Vimarie Perez. This is the second book in the Annie Aardvark series. You can see my review of the first one here

Annie Aardvark loves math. In the first book she liked to count but in this book she has moved onto simple addition. This book is for younger children who are just learning about adding or it could be used as an introduction. It is cute and fun. I love how Annie always wants to do math all day and doesn't get bored. She is named after mathematician, Annie Easley. You can get a free poster on Suzie Olsen's blog
Our next two books are for the 8 to 12 year-old range. We will start with the math book. It is This Book Thinks You're a Math Genius by Mike Goldsmith and illustrated by Harriet Russell.

This book has activities for shapes, measurements, mazes and networks, patterns, codes and ciphers, logic, math carnival and math lab. The pages are fill with spots to write your own work or draw your own pictures. It is a complete fill-in book. 

I love that it covers topics like topology, tessellations, codes, binary numbers and so many other amazing topics that young kids often do not hear about. There are games, puzzles and more activities to keep your child learning and loving math. 

I know I am excited to try some of these activities with Hazel. It is such a fun book and brings the fun into math!!

Our final book focuses on engineering. It even explains what engineers do and how they work. The book is Solve This! by Joan Marie Galat. 

Want to inspire a young engineer or get them interested in engineering? This book is for you. It starts with introducing the team of engineers and other probelm solvers as well as the various types of engineering. It also explains how engineers work together including different types. 

Then the book explains some fun challenges. They range from things like soundproofing your room for a sleepover to removing hot pepper sauce from a swimming pool. There are fourteen challenges. First the non-engineering panel gives suggestions on problem solving and then the engineers take over with a solution. 

Then at the end of the book there is a look at engineering through history including engineering successes as well as engineering disasters. Then of course where engineering is going in the future and how it is neverending. Such a fun book!! 

All of these books are great STEM resources. I hope you will check them out!!