Books for Tween and Teen Girls -- Mindfulness and Puberty

Disclosure: Running Press sent me copies of these books in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions are my own.

As the start of school is approaching I am seeing Hazel's anxiety level rising. Socializing with other kids can be tough on her and school is probably the toughest place for her since she is with kids all day long. Add on top of it that she is hitting puberty a bit earlier than most of her classmates and she is a bit of a pile of nerves and moods. I have been trying to add relaxing and calming things to our routine although this summer routine has kind of gone out the window. Today I am going to share two amazing resources for kids like Hazel and in particular girls. The first is a book that is really for any child -- girl or boy. It is Just Breathe: Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement and More by Mallika Chopra and illustrated by Breanna Vaughan.

This book has everything you need for relaxation and mindfulness. There are seven chapters: Introduction, Breathe, Move, Be Silent, Notice, Ask Questions, and Create. The introduction talks about finding a quiet and safe space. The Breathe Chapter introduces different types of breathing. All of them help the person relax and refocus. The Move Chapter introduces yoga as well as ideas like taking a walk. The Be Silent Chatper introduces different meditation techniques. The Notice Chapter talks about being aware of things around you and your own words to others. The Ask Questions Chapter offers questions to ask yourself so that you might be more aware of your own goals, desires, etc. Then the Create Chapter has the reader creating their special place, relaxing by coloring, and discovering the power of his or her mind. Overall this book is perfect for anyone. The lessons/activities in the chapters are short and can be done easily anywhere. 

I love that it introduces these activities to kids when they are young. They are skills that will help all their lives and learning it at a younger age will help them become part of their everyday routine. If you have an anxious child, this book is a wonderful resource. I hope you will check it out.

Our next book is The Ultimate Survival Guide to Being a Girl: On Love, Body Image, School and Making It Through Life by Christina De Witte. This book is written for teenagers, however it is really also a resource for any girl beginning puberty. This book is the guide every girl wants. It goes into everything from the emotions a girl will feel at some point during her teen years -- you know the ones where she questions everything she is doing. De Witte talks like she is your best friend and is there to help you develop your own self worth and self confidence. After the emotions and mental things comes the body. Yes, she deals with the physical changes of puberty and learning to love your self image. Then comes the food and how what you eat matters. Then it is fashion and to look for clothes that make you feel good and not necessarily the trends. Then it is dealing with friends and family and issues that come up. Then it is love and relationships. Then comes school and work and then the internet. Then it is society and finallly diversity. Yes this book has it all. 

I wish I had a book like this when I was growing up. The details are in it and well researched. She discusses everything to what you can use for your period and how it is great to live in a country that offers you things to help with your period. The details are just so wonderful and the coverage is on everything that I remember thinking about (read that as worried about) when I was young. My only complaint is that there are swears throughout the book which for Hazel will be a turn off. I understand the reasons to make it seem more like a friend but for kids who do not swear it is off putting. However it is a wonderful resource that every girl needs!

So if you have a daughter or know a girl struggling with growing up, I hope you will check these books out!!