The Night Knights -- a new picture book for the kids who are scared at night

Disclosure: Abrams Books sent me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Do you have a child who is afraid of the dark or of going to bed? Does he or she think there might be monsters in his or her room? Hazel was this child. She often got afraid to be alone at night and was very afraid of the dark. She has grown out of it mostly, but there are still times when it comes back. However for the younger kids today I am sharing a wonderful new book to help. It is The Night Knights by Gideon Sterer and illustrated by Cory Godbey. 

This book is a wonderful tale. It starts with the fact that some kids believe in monsters but points out that there have been no true sightings of monsters. However if monsters do exist it is all right because there are ancient tradition of night knights who protect all the children during the night. I love how this book shares that monsters probably do not exist but gives a solution just in case they do. It will put kids at ease whether they believe in monsters or not. 

The illustrations are wonderful. There is a mysteriousness to them but the knights look strong and able to protect the world from whatever the night may bring. 

This book will help the scared child face each night. The knowledge of these knights and their strength protecting the child's castle will give so much reassurance.

So if you are looking for a way to help your young one get through the night without as many fears, please check out this book! The recommended ages are 0 through 3.  For more help with bedtime, be sure to check out these posts