DIY Gift Bows with Cherry Blossoms Gift Wrapping Paper -- a Crafty Weekends Review & Link Party

Disclosure: Tuttle Publishing sent me this wrapping paper in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Do you collect wrapping paper like I do? I see some pretty paper and think how it will look on a gift, yet then I tend to "wrap" with gift bags for ease. What do I do with my wrapping paper? Well I have shared some craft ideas like card decorating and envelope liners, paper flowers, paper beads, origami paper and paper cutting crafts, party decorations, and a background for a photo booth.  And of course there is just plain using it for wrapping gifts!! I love how the Cherry Blossoms Gift Wrapping Papers look and recently saw a diy gift bow class.

This comes as a flat package with twelve sheets of gift wrapping paper (18 x 24 inches each) folded in quarters. They are attached as a book but have perforated edges to remove each sheet. Each sheet has a different design involving cherry blossoms. 

Now I wanted to try making gift bows. I googled instructions and found this video to help me figure it out. Then I experimented. The first one I made was from an old catalog. I actually love how it came out so I decided it was time to try it with the pretty paper. I started with this sheet of paper and focused using the side strip for the most part.

I removed the paper from the book and kept it folded. I pulled out my paper cutter and cut strips through all four layers. I used the edge of the paper cutter as my measuring guide to get equal widths.

Then I cut the strips in half so I each paper cutter cut would give me four strips. I folded each of these strips in half to mark the middle.

Now I took one end of a strip and folded it down to the center mark, but then I twisted that end over. I used a glue stick to seal it however I also tried it with a stapler. Both work fine. I liked the ease of a glue stick to do it with kids.

Then do the same thing to the other end and glue it as well. If using a stapler only staple once at this point. Repeat with other strips.

Once you have all the pieces you begin to layer them. You want the points to go in different directions to make your bow look nice. Again I glued the layers, but you can use a stapler on several layers as well.

Once the bow looks pretty full you have a choice. In the video she put another piece in the center. I however made a center piece to fill the space.

I took one of my strips and cut a piece of it and just rolled it and glued it. Then I glued it into the center.

Since Hazel had a birthday party to go to I wrapped the present in the rest of the paper and put the bow on the top. She loved how it looked!! I think it would have been even better on a solid colored wrapping paper.

I have to say the quality of the paper is very good. I found it easy to wrap with and it was a good strength. I also liked how it covered the dark box.

I also had seen DIY bows wth round loops instead of points. I decided to try one of these as well. To make it I cut the strips the same way but when I went to separate them I cut three different lengths. I cut two of the long strips in half and then cut two more so there would be a longer and a shorter piece. 

When I made the pieces this time I did not do the twist but just looped each end to the center. I used the longer pieces at the bottom and went up by size. I also made a center piece for this one as well. 

Now I am thinking about making bows from old magazines and even old wrapping paper. What do you think? I love the beautiful pages of cherry blossoms wrapping paper as well. I hope you will check them out!! Be sure to check out our posts about cherry blossoms in the Japanese culture and more!

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