Books to Find Calm and Peace in our Crazy World -- Mommy Time Review

Disclosure: I was sent these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My focus this year is on taking care of myself. I need to lose weight to be healthier. I want to take the time I need to connect with God. I need to focus on my needs and not always on my family's because that is the only way I will successfully take care of their needs. Today I am going to share with you two amazing book that help me meet these goals. They are life changing!! The first book is Hello Mornings by Kat Lee. 

Are you a morning person? I use to be but find I stay up too late and am not quite my happy self anymore in the morning. Yes, in college I got voted most obnoxious in the morning because of how cheerful I was in my dorm. Now my body does not work as well on not enough sleep and yet I yearn for those later nights of quiet and watching bad television. However both of the books are helping me break this habit. Hello Mornings introduces a simple three step plan to start your mornings with Jesus. They literally take three minutes. Three minutes and your day is starting focused where it should be instead of your kids jumping on the bed or the animals begging for food. Can you imagine? 

Lee explains that there is more that can be added to each person's routine including exercise. She also talks about once the plan becomes habit it is easier to go to bed earlier and not binge watch the television. Connecting with Jesus each morning helps one begin with the knowledge that one is not alone at any point in the day. It is important. Worried about a day? Start it with Jesus and the worries do not seem quite so bad. This book brings this strategy to life and gives you simple steps to get started. It is life changing!! One of the three strategies is to read or remember Psalm 143:8. I decided to make a pretty printable of it so I could read it each morning quickly. You can see it pictured above and it is available for download for personal use only here. If you would like to share it, please refer people back to this post. For the other strategies you will need to read the book. It is amazing how you begin your morning can affect your day so much!! I hope you will check it out.

What do you fear? In this scary world there is plenty to fear. The next book has us looking at our fears. Are your fears making you live your life differently? Fierce Faith by Alli Worthington shows how fears can cripple each of us and how to fight them. She turns to God to help us since how we react to fears can benefit the evil one. This book deals with so much. As I read it I keep thinking, "I wish this book was not written to address women only. I know Steve could benefit from reading it as well." 

In this book Worthington shares her own experiences with fear as well as others and shows the negative impact it can have on lives. There are things like binging. Hmmm... binging on television and chocolate anyone? I tend to do that. There are other responses that I will admit I do some of as well. Worthington then gives you a plan to fight these fears. She also addresses the different things we may fear. Do we fear rejection or perhaps we fear for our kids or maybe it is for the future? How do we cope with these fears? How do they affect our lives? It is all in this book. This is a must read even if you don't think your fears are damaging your life. It is empowering and eye-opening. You will not regret it. 

Both of these books are changing my life. I find them so uplifting and addressing things I know I do and want to change. I hope you will check them out!