Travel Across America Color By Number -- a Relaxing Friday Review

Disclosure: C&T Publishing sent me this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own! I will receive a small stipend for purchases made through the links in this post. Thank you for supporting Crafty Moms Share!

It has been a very long time since I have shared a Relaxing Friday Review or for that matter a coloring book. Today I am sharing with you a fun one!! I was interested in this book especially when we were trying to put together the post card exchange, but since we did not get enough participants we get to just enjoy this fun book. It is Travel Across America Color By Number by Debra Gabel. 

Now I am not sure the pictures are of actual stamps, but they are presented to look like them. On the inside back cover there is inspiration of them all in full color.
Then there is a page for each "stamp" with numbers to help with the coloring. The inside front cover has the guide to the numbers.

It gives a range of the color so that you can match as best as you can. Hazel colored several of these stamps while I was reading to her. She loved them!! She loves color by number.
She of course wanted to start with Florida because of the flamingo on it! She loves her flamingos! She colored the first two with markers. I suggested trying colors on the bottom of the page to see if it is in the range of the number.

Now the pages are perforated so you can take them out which is needed since the color code is on the inside front cover. Otherwise you would always be turning back.

Her last one was done with colored pencils. The numbers show through much more with pencils, but I like doing it with pencil to get the shading. I tried one as well so I could really review the book.
You can see I had trouble finding the right shades and tried many. I like how the pictures have some shading built into them as well. These are a fun page to color and I love how it gives a bit about the state--the state bird, flower and something from the state are on the pictures. Oh, and there are some national park stamps as well to color. There is also a table of the names of the state birds and flowers in the book. This would be a fun addition to a state unit or it can just be a fun coloring book! Be sure to check out our other state posts. I love having fun with Hazel while we learn more about our country! I hope you will check out this great book!! You will not be disappointed!