The Underground Railroad

Disclosure: Judy Dodge Cummings sent me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Can you believe we are at the half way point of February? Where is time going? Since February is Black History Month, I have been trying to feature some great resources for you to use. Today I am really excited to share an amazing book by Judy Dodge Cummings and illustrated by Tom Casteel called The Underground Railroad: Navigate the Journey from Slavery to Freedom. The reason I am so excited is this book is similar to a workbook and has 20 interesting projects in it to go with the different chapters. 

What do you know about the Underground Railroad? I know I was exciting when I discovered about the quilts being roadmaps and guess what it is not believed to be true and Cummings shares this (and so does Time). Cummings is out to teach the truth that is known about the mysterious Underground Railroad. The book goes through the start of slavery in America and how it was different from the slavery that existed in Africa already, how people resisted it, how the Underground Railroad began, how the slaves found their way on the Underground Railroad and what it was like to travel, freedom and beyond. I love how each chapter has an essential question for the reader to consider while reading the chapter. The chapters flow well and are very informative but also engrossing.
There are words to know right on the page so the reader does not have to turn back to the glossary while reading and there are other asides like "Did You Know..." and other explanations of things mentioned in the chapter. Then the chapter ends with a few activities (at least two in each chapter). They range from all sorts of ideas that kids can do. Some I wish gave more direction, but they are doable.

This book is perfect for any classroom or for a home study of the Civil War and the Underground Railroad. I love how Cummings approaches it with facts but makes it interesting and draws the kids in. Then there are questions and projects that help own the lessons and truly experience a bit of it. This is a book you need to check out. I know I learned much more than I ever have about the Underground Railroad. Be sure to check out my other posts about the Underground Railroad.