Merry Monday -- Christmas Picture Books Featuring Holiday Songs

Disclosure: I was sent these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Ok, I know we still have Thanksgiving coming up and many people do not want to think about Christmas yet, but I am in a bit of a Christmas mood and have some fun Christmas books to share with you (there has been a pile on my shelf for quite some time). Now I know in the past I have done many round-ups from my Must Read books (featuring religious ones), Multicultural books, Christmas Trees & Classic stories, Advent stories, and so many more!! Today we are going to focus on Christmas music or should I say picture books about Christmas music!! The first item is actually a personalized gift set. Now we have reviewed several amazing personalized Christmas books as well as non-holiday ones over the past couple of years. Hazel's comment about this one was, "This is the best one yet!"

Now we got the My Christmas Sing-Along Gift Set. It comes with the personalized book illustrated by Katya Longhi, personalized CD, and a photograph ornament (which Hazel has not seen yet). Each book at I See Me! has a dedication page where you can upload a photo of the child receiving the gift as well as choose from a variety of messages. I chose "May your holidays be filled with laughter and song!" Along with the photograph you can include the child's birthdate and who the book is from as well as the year it is given. Throughout the book Hazel's name appears in the songs as well  as some of the pictures.

This book comes with the CD to go along with the book. Hazel's name is in every song!! Plus the singer also sometimes explains things about the songs using Hazel's name. For example, "Hazel did you know people use to travel by sleigh pulled by horses?" or something like that. Hazel loves that in The Twelve Days of Christmas her name is used instead of my love. Each of the songs on the CD have the words and pictures in the book.

The final part of the gift set is the photo ornament. I love this. We always like to put a photo of Hazel in an ornament each year with the date on it and this will take care of it. 

I am going to put the ornament in her stocking. I love the ease in which you can order a book and the excitement for the child to see their picture and name in the book. These are always one of my go to gifts for young kids and I recommend them to friends all the time. Hazel still gets excited to pull out her various personalized books and reads them even though she has outgrown many of them.

Our next book is a board book with lots of interactive parts. It is Sing Along with Me! We Wish You a Merry Christmas illustrated by Yu-hsuan Huang. The words are the words to the song We Wish You a Merry Christmas. There  are instructions on the inside cover to download the song onto your device. 

What is really fun about this book are all the spots to make things move. Even the front cover has a finger hole to move animals from behind the tree to out front. Each page has something as well. The page above pictures the house with the windows half opened and the bear on the roof only beginning to show. Slide the finger hole (on the door) up and the shades will reveal some waving animals as well as the bear on the roof.  It is fun for little kids and especially for ones who do not like to sit still. 
The last page has a dial to make Santa's sleigh appear in the sky. This book is perfect for the young child who enjoys music and interacting with the book. The pages are thick and good quality.  

Our last book for today is a Panorama Pops book. It is The Twelve Days of Christmas by Grahame Baker Smith. This book comes in a box. The pages unfold in a panorama fashion and the various gifts in the song pop-out of the pages. 
The front side gives half the song and then flip it over for the other half. The illustrations are beautiful and it is fun way to learn the song!
This is a lovely gift for those music lovers. It is just so beautiful!!

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