An Amazing Doll Shop (Dolls, Furniture, Clothes and Accessories)

Are you ever amazed by a company? I know there have been some companies that I find have horrible customer service. I tend to complain about them. Today I want to tell you about a company that has the best customer service. It is The Queen's Treasures. (Just so you know I am receiving nothing for writing this post. All opinions are completely my own.)

Now my story. Back in December 2014, I bought Hazel a Doll Storage Trunk & Bed. I shared it with a quilt I made for it.

This was Hazel's big Christmas gift in 2014. Unfortunately she was a bit young for the gift. Within a few weeks she had broken off the bed and we could not fix it. The breaking was completely her fault. She couldn't get the "murphy bed" to come down or go up and she forced it and made the pegs come out and rip the wood so they couldn't be reattached. It had nothing to do with quality of the item more just lack of understanding due to age. Besides having Steve and a friend who is good at woodworking try to fix it I didn't think much of it. Hazel has been putting either a doll sleeping bag or quilts on the floor where the bed should be. But since she is so into her dolls right now, I started to wonder if I could get a new bed for it. I contacted The Queen's Treasure's Customer Service and I have to say is "Wow!" Withing a couple of days of contact I have been sent a new trunk from their seconds. Their seconds supplies are sold on ebay for much less because they have something minor wrong--chips in the paint, scratches, loose screws, etc. They were not sure the bed would fit the 2014 model so they sent us a new model. They just asked me to pay for the shipping.  Can I tell you how excited Hazel is? We have the bed set up with the supplies it comes with. She has the two trunks next to one another so now one of her dolls will have a nice new room. She is not sure which doll she is going to let have this room. She doesn't want the other ones to get jealous, but I think she is leaning towards Kit. I put Saige on the bed when I set it up this morning when we got the package. Hazel is letting her sleep there tonight while she decides who to give the room.

How awesome is that? I can see Hazel spending hours with her dolls and loving the new "room".  I really want to thank The Queen's Treasures for their amazing service. I have to tell you they have some amazing things beside the beautiful doll trunks. They have a whole Little House on the Prairie set with a Laura Ingalls doll as well as Jane Goodall, Salvation Army, tea sets and modern clothes. Be sure to check them all out. Oh, and be sure to create a free account so you can see their sale prices. There are amazing sales when you do!! I would love to hear how you like their things!!