Butterflies -- Books, Crafts & More

Disclosure: I was sent these books to review free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review.

Saturday is Earth Day. Do you have any plans? Hazel and I will be visiting a friend in New York, but have been working on our garden plans. We have also been enjoying many different books for Earth Day. We will be sharing more tomorrow, but today I am going to share three books about butterflies! We love butterflies and even raised butterflies a few years ago. The first book to share tonight is The Butterfly Garden by Laura Weston. 

This board book has flaps to open up to various stages of the life of a butterfly. The words are extremely simple, but it is a wonderful introduction to the cycle of life.

The illustrations are black and white with color under the flaps. I love the details in some of the pictures especially under the flaps.

Aren't the chrysalis details beautiful?

The next book is Build a Butterfly with a 3D Model to Make illustrated by Kiki Ljung. This fun book is a craft to build your own 3D model butterfly.

The body of the butterfly and its abilities are described in the book where you pop out the pieces. Once the pieces are removed there are colored pictures in the place so the reader can see the colors and shapes being described. 

The details on the model are amazing. The correct number of legs, wings, antennae and the proboscis. I love how this book gives the pieces to build with the various information about the parts. 

This is the perfect book for a classroom studying butterflies! My only complaint is that it was hard to follow the instructions or lack of to put it together. There are numbers on it, but they did not necessarily match to put it together.

Our final book is Press Out + Color Butterflies by Zoe Ingram. This is more of a coloring book. It has ten butterflies to color. Each butterfly is two pieces that fit together to make 3D butterflies that have holes to make them into a mobile or just to hang. 
Hazel started coloring the Painted Lady. She has not gotten very far since they are double sided as well. I did the Buckeye, but thought I was doing the Blue Morpho, so I did it in blue.

They are double sided and the underside is not the same as the top.

Hazel loves this book and the crafts for it. We have turned our Lenten table into an Earth Day/Nature table.

We started with our butterflies and the books. Hazel made her own craft--a lantern decorated with butterfly stickers. She put a battery operated candle in it. She is planning on making more as gifts for Mother's Day. She used washi tape and duct tape to attach a single layer (her first attempt was a double layer) of tissue paper around an empty recycled jar. The duct tape is on the bottom.  Then she decorated it with stickers. Next the candle was added. This was her own creation and idea!!

I also made some Scripture cards for Earth Day which I will share with you in tomorrow's post! Stay tuned! In the mean time I hope you will check out these books and if you are looking for some butterfly crafts and lessons, click here and check out all of the ones we have done in the past.