Animal Books & More for the Very Young

Disclosure: I was sent these books to review free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review.

My week and life has been turned upside down, so my posts may be a bit more sporadic. Sorry!! But family has to come first and right now my family needs me to be focused on them. However today I have some time to write about some fun books for younger kids. All of them involve animals. The first is Old MacDonald's Things that Go by Jane Clarke and illustrated by Migy Blanco.

Now I am sure you know the song about Old MacDonald's farm. In this fun book Old MacDonald and his animals enjoy various modes of transportation. The words go along with the tune of the song. They enjoy bicycles, trucks, tractors, combine harvester, bus, boats, diggers, a fire truck, a train, and a plane. This book is perfect for the child that loves things that go. It is fun and has beautiful pictures to illustrate the motion as well as the entertainment value of seeing animals drive and such. The ages are preschool through kindergarten. I know several boys at three that would have loved this book and a few girls as well. 

Speaking of singing our next book is part of the Sing Along with Me! series. It is Hey Diddle Diddle illustrated by Yu-hauan Huang. 

Now if you have been following Crafty Moms Share for awhile you may know about our love affair with Hey Diddle Diddle. If not, you can check out our many posts about it here.  We like to check out every book about it and have shared most of them as well as many crafts and our dish and spoon Halloween costumes over the years. This book is a board book with movable parts. On the cover you can see the spot to make the cow jump over the moon. The various pages have things to turn, slide, etc. It is a very version of the traditional nursery rhyme. The dog is laughing at a show and not at the cow or fiddle. The characters are at a carnival. It is fun and of course every child loves to move the various things in the book. The suggested ages are two to five years-old for this one.

Our next book is Nope! by Drew Sheneman. This is the tale of a bird's first flight. It has very few words and is almost set up as an early graphic novel or comic book. The young bird's mother wants him to leave the nest, but the young bird imagines all the horrible things that may wait for him below. He keeps replying, "Nope!" Eventually the mama bird is forced to gently push him out and he learns to fly. It is a fun book that is written for for three to five-year-olds. It is a great reminder how parents some times have to push kids to get out of their comfort zones. 

Our next book is Barnyard Boogie! by Tim McCanna and illustrated by Allison Black. I am reviewing the hardcover version, but there is a board book coming in September. This book is being released on May 9, 2017. In this fun book the various animals have their jobs for the barnyard boogie and party except for cow. What will cow do? The cat plays the fiddle, the horse the tuba and so forth. What can the cow do besides moo? It is a fun tale of music, silliness and finding a job for everyone. It is a fun book for young children!!

Our last animal book today is Stack the Cats by Susie Ghahremani. This book is being released May 2, 2017. This book is a fun counting book. The cats try to stack themselves as they do various activities. It is very simple words and illustrations, but a fun book. It is perfect for the young child who is just learning to count. It also has some fun twists that work on a few operations like dividing nine into groups of three. It counts forward and backwards as well. 

So if you have a young child in your life, I hope you will check out these books!