Summer Reading -- Fun Picture Books

Disclosure: I was sent these books free of charge. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As always I am providing links to the book for your convenience.

Are your kids working on their summer reading and/or summer homework? I know we are and I have to admit I find it to be a bit of a pain. The part we enjoy however is the daily reading. Hazel reads at least a book or a chapter if it is a chapter book to my parents each night before bedtime. If they are not available, she reads to me. She is loving reading from her summer reading list but she also loves to read some of the new picture books we have received. Here are four fun ones to share today. Next week we will share some middle grade chapter books and have some suggestions throughout the summer. Be sure to check back for all of our recommendations. The books today are fun books. Many of them are rather funny.

The Forgetful Knight by Michelle Robinson and Fred Blunt is a humorous rhyming book about a knight who keeps forgetting the correct words. This book was released this week. Hazel finds it so funny and enjoys reading it (and can read it by herself). The pictures are cartoonish and throughout the book are the mistakes in the words and the corrections. Hazel loves this. And of course in the end the scared and forgetful knight becomes the hero that saves all the animals including his horse from the dragon. It is truly a fun book that makes reading fun and comical. 

Greenling by Levi Pinfold is a fun book about a bit of a miracle and love. Mr. Barleycorn brings in an outsider--a greenling (a green baby). While the greenling is there the plants grow and grow quickly. After the first morning the Barleycorns' kitchen is full of plants--peppers and melons. Mrs. Barleycorn complains about not being able to cook, but Mr. Barleycorn says the melons look ripe. The plants take over their lives and house. They cannot move their car to go shopping and the vines begin to block the road over the bridge that crosses their land. When the crowd wants to get rid of the greenling Mrs. Barleycorn finally sees the good he brings and protects him. The crowd soon enjoys the bounty but the summer comes to an end and the greenling must leave. The question remains what will grow on Barleycorn land next spring?

Ferocious Fluffity by Erica S. Perl and illustrated by Henry Cole is a fun rhyming book about a new class pet. This book is being released July 19th! In this multicultural book (the teacher is a black man and the students are mixed races) Mr. Drake introduces a new class pet. Mr. Drake warns the kids to not touch Fluffity, but all the kids could not wait to get their hands on the fluffy little creature. One day Mr. Drake is late and the kids take advantage of his absence and get their hands on Fluffity, but Fluffity does what little scared creatures often do, bite and run. The children ran from Fluffity as well and hid. Mr. Drake comes and finds them all and eventually they all realize that Fluffity needs more exercise and care. This book has lessons about listening to the rules and caring about pets. Great lessons taught in a very fun way!

My Favorite Pets by Gus W. for Ms. Smolinski's Class with words by Jeanne Birdsall and pictures by Harry Bliss is another fun book about pets well really about sheep. It is written in illustrated report form. The words look handwritten by a child with lines behind them. In this fun book Gus describes life with his sheep. He talks about what the male, female and baby sheep are called and also what happens when you do various things with sheep like trying to trade your little brother for a lamb or put clothing (like the scarf your teacher loaned you) on a sheep. The book shows the mischievous Gus gets into and entertains the reader. There is some information about sheep mixed in as well. It is a fun book that was released this week. 

So if you are looking for some fun books to add to your summer reading, be sure to check these four books out!! They will entertain you and your child(ren). Be sure to stop by again next week for some middle grade recommendations and later this summer for more fun themed recommendations!! And for some baby and sibling themed books check out this review.