Ocean Life Fun -- Summertime Fun

Disclosure: I was sent these books free of charge. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As always I am providing links to the book for your convenience.

Have you seen Disney Pixar's Finding Dory yet? Hazel and I went to see it this weekend. We loved it. It has of course put us in the mood for ocean life!! Today we are sharing three different under the sea activity books/kits. But first a quick fun and easy craft that we did at Lakeshore Learning on Saturday before going to the movie. We made talking fish or fish clips. They had the fish shapes cut in two pieces to decorate and then glue to a clothespin. Hazel made the rainbow fish!!

I aimed for Dory but forgot to do the yellow until the end so it is a bit of green. Hazel is showing you how it talks!

Since we just saw the movie our first book today is Disney Pixar Finding Dory Unforgettable Activities. The book comes with a chalkboard fish necklace and a piece of blue chalk. I wrote Dory on it.
This book has some fun activities. It includes coloring pages, mazes, matching, counting and more! Hazel started some of the activities when we got home from the movie.
She loved seeing all the characters again. She wasn't sure if she wanted to see Finding Dory since she did not like Finding Nemo a whole lot. But she loved Dory and the characters. In fact I got her a stuffed Destiny whale doll after the movie because she really wanted it. The activities are fun and have educational value in them.

We also have been having fun making some Origami Aquarium animals from the kit by Michael G. LaFosse. This kit comes with two booklets and 96 sheets of origami paper including two gold foil ones.

I tried to make several of the animals. Here are the most successful ones. Now I have to admit I tried to make them when I was very tired and it was very late. 
I loved the sea horse and was surprised how easy it is to make. The instructions are easy to follow for the most part. Michael G. LaFosse is a well known name in origami world. His origami creations can be intricate but he also always includes some easier ones. This kit is no different. It is the perfect kit for summertime fun!

Our final book is 4000 Stickers: Under the Sea. This activity book has 4000 stickers in various sizes. The activities include coloring, adding stickers, mazes, spot the difference and more.
The activities are fun and show quite a few of ocean animals. I worked on a few pages while Hazel was working on the Unforgettable Activities. Soon she wanted to work on my activities as well. We had fun with our Un-Mistakable Markers to make the patterns on this page.

There are also pages that just give the instructions to add sea life and such. I love that they are open ended and the child can use whichever stickers he or she wants and can put them anywhere.

So if you are looking for some ocean themed activities and crafts be sure to check these books and kit out. For more Finding Dory ideas check out this post.