Thirty-one Party -- Review & Party!!

Disclosure: Your purchases at the party will give me special hostess buying opportunities. 

Are you ready for summertime fun? I know I am. I'm going to share a secret with you. Are you ready? I am ready and organized for summer with my latest find--Thirty-One Bags!! Now I had bought a couple different bags a few years ago when a friend hosted a party. My favorite bag from that purchase is my Fresh Market Thermal Bag. I love using this bag at the Farmer's Market. I am able to put all of our purchases in and keep them cool. It also works well for bringing various food items to my parents (a 2 hour drive). Often I pack some of our favorites so my mother doesn't have to try to find them at her stores.

Then some friends became consultants and just started selling these beautiful bags (and jewelry). I decided to have a house party to more just help them out, but in the end it helped me out!! Now the back seat of my car was always a mess. Hazel had snacks and craft items everywhere. (She needs something to do on those 2 hour drives). First I got a Oh-Snap Pocket for the back of my seat. It holds all of her craft items and has a chalk board on it. One of my friends got two to hang on her son's bed to hold his books. 

I also got the Double Duty Caddy in the same print and had Hazel's name put on it. This one holds all of her snacks plus an extra water bottle and box of tissues. Now they are not all over the seat and Hazel can have her snack when we are in the car. 

I love having an organized seat and not having to quickly clean it up when I need to take someone else in the car. I also hung an Oh-Snap Bin for a trash bin for Hazel. The first one I bought I was thinking would hold Hazel's bracelets, but instead I used it to organize her headbands. We discovered we needed two for all of her headbands though.

Now for my summertime organization I got the Family Fun Thermal. This thermal bag is a great size--it can hold a hot slow cooker pot as well. I have our last name on the front pocket so we can take lunch to the park, beach or wherever we adventure this summer.

I also got the Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote to use as my purse/carry all this summer. I love all the pockets on the outside. I can hold a water bottle for myself and one for Hazel as well as my cell phone and our sunglasses. 

I also won a Tall Organizing Tote which also works great as a purse. The only fault I have with it is that it does not have a bottle holder. I love that it has inside pockets as well as the pen pockets and a pocket for my cell phone on the outside. 

For our trips to visit my parents or my sister I got Hazel and I each a City Weekender Bag at the recent outlet sale. This one is no longer available but the Fold-Over Weekender is. 

Can I tell you how excited Hazel is to have her own bag with her initials on it? She packed her clothes herself for our recent trip. My favorite was when she told me her clothes took too much space since she thought she had to also pack her toys in there too. I told her she could use a different bag for her toys. In fact we have been using the Canvas Storage Tote for taking toys to her grandparents' houses. It holds such a great amount of things!! It was the hostess special when I had my party so I had the butterfly put on it. I figured we could use it for different things that way!

Now before I tell you the other things we love. Let me share this month's Customer Special!! If you spend $35 you can get the Medium Utility Tote for $12. This tote is not usually available, but is available for the month of June!! You can also chose to get Medium Stand Tall Insert for $12 with another purchase of $35. They also sell a Deluxe Utility Tote in which two of the Essential Storage Totes fit. It is a great way to organize your car trunk!

Now the other items we love are our new lunch bags!! Hazel is so excited to use hers next school year. She loves having her name sewn on!

This is the Chill-icious Thermal Bag. It is a great lunch bag for Hazel. It will keep things cold or hot and has a front pocket as well. I gave one I got at the outlet sale to a good friend and she was really impressed with the quality. She thought the thermal part looked better than the lunch boxes/bags she has bought her son previously. 

For my lunch bag I got the Lunch Break Thermal at the outlet sale. I love how wide it is at the bottom. My salad container fits into it without a problem. It also has a front pocket for things I do not want to keep cold or hot. 

So these are the amazing bags I have to organize our lives and our summer!! And now it is your opportunity to make a fun purchase. Go to this site by June 30th and choose Carrie/Crafty Moms Share Shop Now button.  If you are personalizing an item make sure to preview it so you can see if you like the colors and print. Thank you for any purchase you make!! Thanks for supporting me and for supporting my friends who have just started out as consultants! Remember the party ends June 29th!