Chinese Meets Japanese with Chinese Origami for Children -- Product Review for Summertime Fun Series

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Sometimes in the summer one needs some quiet or indoor activities due to various reasons--tired, busy momma, or bad weather. Origami is a perfect activity for those times. Today we are sharing a fun book where the Chinese culture meets the Japanese culture as well as some fun packs of origami paper to try out the various projects. The book is Chinese Origami for Children by Hu Yue and Lin Xin and illustrated by Samoo Tang.
This book provides instructions to make the twelve Chinese zodiac animals as well as things for some of the Chinese festivals, objects that represent blessings in Chinese culture as well as things the book terms Chinese style which include a fenghuang (phoenix), giant panda and a pagoda. I decided to try a few of them. I started with the festivals chapter. Each set of instructions also shows the difficulty of the project. They range from one star to four. This is the year of the monkey, but the monkey was one of the harder ones and I was tired when I was trying them. I started with a carp. It was rated with one star.
Next I attempted the lion head which was rated with two stars. It is the lion head mask that one would see in the lion dance at Chinese New Year. 

I wanted to try the dragon boat (three stars), but the twenty something steps made me hesitate since I was already tired. Instead I tried the tie for Father's Day (perfect for yesterday here). It was a one star. I gave it to Steve after I took a picture and wished him a Happy Father's Day. I don't think he was too impressed and especially since he hates wearing ties. 

I also attempted the three star phoenix, but it did not come out quite right. I am going to try it again another time. Hazel went to try a butterfly, but I was busy and could not help her and she did not understand all the terms this book used. (She also did not take the time to read the introduction with the terms defined.) The paper I used for all of these came from Origami Paper in a Box: Abstract Patterns. It comes with 192 six inch by six inch double-sided papers and an instruction book to make four projects.

I also received the Japanese Patterns of Origami Paper in a Box. It also comes with 192 pages of six inch by six inch double sided paper and an instruction book for four projects. One of the projects in the book was a carp and they had a special paper just for the carp (as well as one for the butterfly).

I made the carp with the special paper from this pack as well and followed this book's instructions.

The final package of origami paper we received is the Ukiyo-e Bird Prints Origami Paper. Aren't these beautiful?? I almost do not want to fold them because they are so gorgeous.
This pack comes with 48 pages of eight and a quarter square double sided papers. It also has an instruction pamphlet to make a few of the common origami shapes like the crane and star box. 

So if you are looking for a quieter activity this summer, check out these great origami papers and book. For more origami ideas check out: