Revelation -- a YA/Mommy Time Review

Disclosure: Novel Publicity sent me a copy of this book free of charge in return for an honest review. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As always I am providing links to the book for your convenience.

Today I am sharing with you the third and final book in the Legacy Series by Ellery A. Kane. The final book is called Revelation and all the familiar characters of the series are back. I previously shared the first two books: Legacy and Prophecy.

First I have to say it is sad to say goodbye to these characters. Ellery does such an amazing job of developing them. Then there are all the twists and turns in the book just like life and relationships. This series is set in the future and the world is a bit different. The government has taken over total control. There are mind-altering drugs that really control people and the government is using it on the soldiers to control action with violence. 

The second book Prophecy left us with our young lovers, Lex and Quin, separating due to some personal differences, however are they ready to really move on or are they still connected? Of course the whole difference has to do with Quin's father being convicted of murder again and whether Lex believes he did it or not. So did he do it? This book answers all of these questions and more and some of them are in surprising ways.

To me I think this whole series allows us to question some of the things going on in our own society now. We have mind-altering drugs to some extent though they are not used for violence that I know of yet. What happens if society gets more drugged and less able to think for themselves? Will the government take over even more than it does? How do we control our society and discoveries from overstepping what should happen?

This series is exciting and a page turner. The fantasy and science fiction aspects are there yet there is enough of our current lifestyles to make it seem possible. The characters are so well developed the reader feels he/she knows them personally. I felt some of the heartache of Lex. The stories are told in Lex's voice. However Ellery also wrote a prequel novella called AWOL which is told in the perspective of Quin. I have to say I have loved this series and can honestly recommend it completely!! I hope you will check it out!