Non-Candy Easter Egg Gift Ideas

So this month Hazel had to go to the dentist and get four fillings (two pairs of adjacent teeth). As I think about Easter (it is only a little over a week away!), I know I do not want to fill her basket and her plastic eggs with too much candy. And the truth is she gets candy from everyone at Easter. We still have chocolate bunnies from last Easter that she got from somewhere. Steve and I end up eating a good portion of the candy. So this year I wanted to come up with some non-candy ideas to fill her plastic eggs. The truth is she LOVES the egg hunt. She often wants to play egg hunt for a month before and after (at least) Easter.This year I wanted to use less candy and still hide lots of eggs for her. My first thought was Shopkins. I managed to find some Season 3 packages for half price with the ones she really wanted. I put two in an egg since I bought so many.

Next I wanted to give her a bracelet. I splurged on one from Hanna Anderson since she had all the ones from Gymboree already. She often wears two to three bracelets each day. This one is perfect since strawberries are one of her favorite fruits.

 While looking at Shopkins, I found this small packs of Palace Pets toys. They are egg size!
I also bought a few of the Mini Good Luck Miniatures for her including a bi-plane since she was so obsessed with Amelia Earhart. Plus she will love the unicorn!!
 Another big find was an amethyst. She has been obsessed with them since we read Amy the Amethyst Fairy in the Rainbow Magic Fairies books. Plus her Aunt Amy has Gram Gram Hazel's amethyst ring. Really any special rocks and shells would work and be great prizes.
 I also found this cute small duck rubber stamp and knew she would love it!! She loves rubber stamps and doing crafts with them and of course it is a duck.

 I also put in some small doll accessories. I picked up a science set for her doll as well as a swimming set (bathing cap, goggles and arm bands). Some of the pieces fit in larger eggs. Others will go in her basket.

 Then there are the small Easter things like these fun bunny erasers. I got these three for one dollar at Target.
 I will still fill a few eggs with candy as well, but for the most part it is going to be toys this year!! What do you use for your egg hunts?