Word World: Be My Valentine DVD Review

Disclosure: PBS Kids gave me a copies of these DVDs free of charge. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation.

Are you ready for Valentine's Day? We have several ideas but have not begun to make them. However we have taken some time out to put us in the mood and watch Word Wolrd: Be My Valentine on DVD.

Hazel loves Word World and since we never see it on television anymore we have resorted to watching it on DVD or at Gymboree. Hazel is getting a bit beyond Word World or needing to see the words anymore, but she loves the stories and how they can change things by spelling words. The episodes always include spelling and sounding out words. The objects are made from the letters of their words (for example Ant is made from the letters A-N-T).
This DVD has five episodes and is about an hour long. The episodes include: My Fuzzy Valentine, Love Bug, Sh-Sh-Shark, Princess Sheep, and There's an Ant in Every Giant. (The links are to activities provided on Word World's website.) These episodes include rhyming, spelling and pronouncing words. The stories also have life lessons in them like not judging others from their appearance, sharing, being happy with oneself. The words built in the episodes include bug, heart, crown, shoe, and ant. This DVD is a fun way to bring in the Valentine's Day spirit and to help teach kids about reading, letters and sounds. I hope you will check it out!