President Lincoln -- BookReview and Happy Birthday, President Lincoln!!

Disclosure: Wisdom Tales Press gave me a copy of this product free of charge. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease, but receive no compensation.

Today I get to share a book with you about one of our amazing presidents of the past. Today would have been Abraham Lincoln's 207th birthday. So in honor of his birthday and President's Day on Monday, it is the perfect time to share Demi's new book, President Lincoln: From Log Cabin to White House

This beautiful book was just released this week and as usual, Demi did an amazing job telling the story of President Lincoln. Starting with his birth and going through his death, Demi hits many of the major things in his life as well as some of the events that showed his character. Abraham Lincoln loved reading and was self taught in many things. His mother died when he was nine but his father remarried and his stepmother and her children brought with them books. His stepmother helped foster his love to read. He read books to learn law and become a lawyer. Abraham was honest and compassionate. He fought for things that he saw as a wrong like slavery. He was truly an amazing man and many of today's politician's could take some lessons from him.
Many of the pages have quotes from Abraham Lincoln, himself. The quotes go with what is happening in the story. The pictures are colorful and add to the story.
At the end of the book there is a map of the United States in 1861 showing the division of the states (confederacy versus union) and what the territories were. There is also the Gettysburg Address as well as a timeline of President Lincoln's life, fascinating facts about him and some quotes from him. This book has it all!! It is done beautifully and truly honors the life of a great hero of our country. I hope you will check it out and take time to remember this great man. For more on Abraham Lincoln check out our post on another book about him from the beginning of the month. It includes this craft.

For those in the USA, enjoy your long weekend!!