Veggie Tales Book Reviews

Disclosure: I was sent these books to review free of charge from Ideals Books./Worthy Kids. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. I am including links to each item for your convenience but do not receive anything if you purchase them.

Recently Worthy Publishing acquired Ideals Books. They asked me to pick some of their books to review. Hazel and I looked and two of the books are Veggie Tales books and the others are Christmas related so we will be sharing those as it gets a bit closer to Christmas. Now the funny thing is Hazel and I both don't really like the Veggie Tales. I personally find them annoying and Hazel finds them strange. However in books they are easier to deal with since you do not hear their voices and these books looked good so we decided to try them. I have been reading the devotional book, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, for a couple of years now. After finishing the first year, I decided to read it each day again since I didn't remember the readings. I find it really helps me with connecting to Jesus and staying more calm all day. Now that Hazel is reading I wanted her to have a devotional and she actually has asked me for one, so we picked  God Is With Me: 365 Daily Devos for Girls by Veggie Tales.

This book has 365 devotionals for young girls. They are labeled Day 1, Day 2, etc. instead of with specific dates. It is perfect since she does not always remember to read or have time to read the devotional. Each devotional has a scripture, an explanation/extension of the scripture, a thought for the day and a prayer. The only thing that is Veggie Tales related are the pictures on each page, but that does not bother us so we are loving this book. I am no longer allowed to read it to her or listen to her read it. She wants this to be her time to pray and be close to Jesus. I love it!!

Each devotional has a lesson in it as well. There are ones about sharing, honesty, being a good person, God's love, etc. All lessons we want our young girls to learn. Hazel is very excited to have her own book to read to get close to Jesus and God. This is such a fun way for her to feel a bit grown up too.

The second book we are sharing today is Veggie Tales: Count Your Blessings Activity Book by Kathleen Bostrom and illustrated by Lisa Reed. Hazel has been loving activity books lately and I love the idea of one that makes her think about the Bible, God and Jesus. This book has places to put stickers to finish pictures or decorate scenes, mazes, matching and more.

Color by Number (a Hazel Favorite)
Hazel has been loving doing the activities and it is the perfect book to get us in the thankful spirit!! Plus the various activities and story line connects the user to God.

So even with our general dislike for Veggie Tales we can say we love these books and hope you check them out!!