The Perfect Gift for a Child: Personalized books

Disclosure: I See Me! Inc.  gave me a copy of this book and ornament free of charge. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease, but receive no compensation.

Last year I had the pleasure of reviewing a personalized book from I See Me! Inc. Hazel describes Hazel Can Change the World as her favorite book ever!! She often pulls it out just to look at it and now reads it to herself as well as to my parents at story time. (She reads to my parents over the phone almost every night.)

She has literally made paper hearts for all of her classmates because there is a page in it where the brown haired girl gives out hearts to spread love.  I have to say it is one of the best things I have gotten her. Therefore I jumped at the idea of getting another personalized book for her. This year we got My Very Own Fairy Tale by Maia Haag and illustrated by Joyce Patti.
 This book has the dedication page as the title page. It includes a picture I sent of Hazel (being the Princess in Black) and the dedication I gave them. Hazel does not know about this book and I have managed to keep it hidden from her as a surprise for Christmas morning!! I can't wait to see her open it.

 Did I mention how she loves to look at the dedication page of her other book and cannot believe her picture is in it? I know she will love this one the same way. The book itself is of fairies who chose a characteristic to go with each letter of her name.

 They spell the entire first name using the various fairies.

 Then they spell the last name with the fairies as well. Each fairy describing different nice characteristics the child has (or could have). For letters that repeat they use different fairies and characteristics. Between how much she loved last year's book and her love of fairies I know Hazel will LOVE this book. I See Me! also sent us a personalized ornament to go with the book.
 One side has her name with a Christmas tree, and the other has her photograph with the year.
 They have various choices of colors and pictures as well. I know she will be very excited to have this ornament. Each year we add an ornament with a photograph of her to our tree, so this is perfect!!

 The I See Me! Personalized books are going on my Gift Suggestion List. I just started the list to help with all the holidays and birthday shopping!! I hope you will check it out!! And for more information on these amazing books and products check out the company:
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