Linked Thru Leonard

This summer we have gone to visit my parents several times for various reasons. In June we met Jill of Just Jill Today there. She is a photographer and sells some of her amazing photographs in various products. She also has a campaign with Leonard the Lobster, one of her photographed models. 

Now Jill will tell you some people do not like Leonard or looking at him, but many find him interesting and Hazel is one of them. She also loves going to visit Jill. Well upon our first meeting Jill gave Hazel a couple of her Leonard stickers and a magnet and explained the whole concept she has called Linked Thru Leonard. She asks people to put Leonard some place where they will see him every day and to talk to him at least once a week. Her thought is that if someone else in the world is talking to Leonard at that same moment then the two people are connected. As more people feel connected, people will be kinder to one another and then world peace will follow. So we jumped on this idea and brought Leonard home and we mailed one to our friends over at Happy Whimsical Hearts in Australia.  

Leonard lives on our refrigerator.  I took the above picture so you could clearly see him but the truth is our refrigerator is much more crowded with magnets, papers, photos and artwork. He is actually now next to other animal magnets from Just Jill Today, but the first spot he got was above our "Empathy" magnet. Somehow that seems fitting. 

So check out Leonard's story at Just Jill Today and think about joining us in being linked thru Leonard! In the meantime I will continue to pray for world peace and that Jill's idea and Leonard's mission work!