Doozers Pod Squad DVDs Review and Giveaway!

Disclosure: NCircle Entertainment gave me a copy of the DVDs free of charge and is supplying the ones for the giveaway free of charge. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As always I am providing links to the DVD on NCircle Entertainment's site for your convenience. You can also find their DVDs at local retailers!

Have you met the Doozers? They are created by the Jim Hensen Company for preschoolers. The Pod Squad are a group of friends who live in Doozer Creek. They work together to solve problems and to learn. The show focuses on teaching preschoolers about teamwork, eco-friendly behavior, STEM-based adventures and more! We got the opportunity to review the first two DVDs which are on sale now at Target and will be available everywhere in September.

The first DVD is Meet the Pod Squad! In this 90-minute DVD the viewer meets the Pod Squad members: Spike, Molly Bolt, Daisy Wheel and Flex. In the eight episodes the Pod Squad design, create and innovate. They are always doing and thinking. They focus on engineering and STEM-based adventures. They also have fun songs (this was Hazel's favorite part). Hazel was not expecting to like these DVDs but she did!!

The second DVD is Pod Squad Boogie! In this DVD the Pod Squad investigate music and sound, dance, art and more! Each episode ties the fun of music, dance or art with science. It is fun and educational. They solve problems from making their own songs and instruments to how to be able to hear each other and not hear one of their mom's learning to play an instrument to teaching someone how to dance by making a dance robotic suit and much more. It is perfect for any preschooler. Both DVDs offer a bonus of three karaoke songs as well.

Now it is time for our giveaway. NCircle Entertainment is providing one of my readers with their own copies of these two DVDs. This is open to the United States and Canada. Please follow my Giveaway Rules. To enter just follow the Rafflecopter. It runs until midnight of August 27, 2015. Good luck!! And if you can't wait to win, pick up your own copies at Target today!

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