Groundhog Masks inspired by the Wild Kratts with free pattern

Hazel's favorite television show is The Wild Kratts. It is on PBS and features Chris and Martin Kratt in real life who go into cartoon to explore different animals lives. In cartoons they have all sorts of great technology including creature power suits that allow them to change into the animals. Of course it is not on enough for Hazel so we watch it On Demand often. Since she was home all last week we have been watching the four or so shows that are On Demand over and over. One of the episodes is an Episode from Season 2 called Groundhog Wake Up. (You can see the full episode here for $1.99.) I am sure it is On Demand since Groundhog Day is fast approaching. On the show they make a map on their Creature Pods (I think that is what they are called) after scanning a real groundhog's burrow. Hazel decided to use her play tent as her burrow with the tunnel as one of the entrance tunnels. Watching her play groundhog gave me an idea.
Groundhog, eating.jpg
"Groundhog, eating" by D. Gordon E. Robertson - Own work.
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

A few weeks ago I reviewed the wonderful book, Just Us Girls, and shared a woodland animal mask craft. I knew how much Hazel loved making the masks and figured she would love making a groundhog mask. I created one on the computer and hand drew one that would not cover her whole face similar to the ones we made from the book.

I let Hazel choose one to make and I made the other one. She chose the hand drawn one once she realized the pencil erasing marks wouldn't show. She decided to make hers pink. I did typical groundhog colors. To make one, you print two copies of your mask. I do one on cardstock and one on plain paper. The plain paper one will be your pattern. Cut both out. Choose the colors of felt for each part and use the plain paper one as a pattern for each color.

Before gluing the felt onto the cardstock punch a hole on each side of the cardstock mask and attach an elastic cord to it so will be wearable. We started both by gluing the teeth on first.

After gluing the felt on we used craft gems and pipe cleaners for noses and whiskers and then we used glitter glue to decorate even more.

Hazel did a lot of decorating with glitter glue on hers. Then she glued my felt pieces for me.

They are still drying, but I am sure we will be playing groundhog this week (especially if we get a snow day from the blizzard we are suppose to get!). Do your kids get inspired by the television they watch? I know I have learned a lot about animals from watching Wild Kratts with her!

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