Doll Clothes from Outgrown Clothes

I usually pass Hazel's outgrown clothes to a friend who has a three-year-old girl. However there were a few I kept this time. One was a t-shirt that the tag was cut out and whoever cut it out cut the shirt as well. The second was her favorite dress (well actually I kept three favorite dresses, but I only did something with one so far) and the third is a favorite skirt. I started with the t-shirt. It had a pom pom type trim on the neck (this is what got cut) and a band at the waist. I cut the band off and then cut the neck decoration off and saved it for later. Next I got out my pattern for a BFC doll t-shirt from Beach Baby Doll Boutique. I won ten free patterns from Sylvia at Beach Baby Doll Boutique awhile ago and one of the patterns I picked was the Easiest Tee to fit BFC Ink. I have to say it really is the easiest pattern!! After completing the t-shirt I added a piece of the neck trim to the neck of the doll shirt.

Hazel is very excited to have a new shirt for her BFC doll since clothes are hard to find for the discontinued dolls and patterns are not all that available. I also used the outgrown shirt to make an American Girl doll size t-shirt. Since I had not chosen the Easiest Tee to fit an American Girl pattern, I used the Free American Girl Doll T-Shirt Pattern by Liberty Jane on Pixie Faire. This pattern was pretty easy as well. I actually did not read the instructions, but sewed the shoulders first and then did the sleeves so I would not have to add such small sleeves later. For this one I used an applique and zigzag trim I bought at Joann Fabrics. Since I was adding trim, I did not finish all of my seams.

Next I took Hazel's pink skirt. I had seen a tutorial on Doll It Up. Here is the skirt I started with.
 First I cut out the panties and then I cut the elastic waist off. Then I cut the ruffle off to be the skirt of the dress.

Now I decided on which pattern I wanted to use for the top. I decided on this pattern from All Things with a Purpose. I gathered the ruffle for the skirt and used the full ruffle, but did cut it so the whole dress would open in back. I used some of the extra pieces after cutting the top for the sleeves. I am going to use the panty liner to make another t-shirt for her BFC doll.

The final dress I am sharing today is made from one of Hazel's favorite dresses ever!! She is so excited she gets to put it on her Hazel doll. To make this one I used the slip pattern from Molly's Pretty Clothes on AG Playthings as was advised in this free pattern for slim dolls adjusted from Molly's on Wren Feathers. Both patterns are free! I should have cut the arm holes a bit bigger and have not finished the bottom hems.

I tried to place the pattern so the waist trim would be on the doll's waist as well. Hazel loves having the dress for her doll. She thinks it looks just like hers did. I haven't figured out yet if there is enough left over to make something for her BFC doll. Stay tuned!!

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