Valentine's Day Crafts

We have been so busy with other February events, that I haven't had time to share some of the Valentine's Day crafts we have been doing. Here are three simple crafts.

The first is dressing up some Dollar Tree towels. When I went to the Dollar Tree I found two red kitchen towels and two spools of Valentine's Day ribbons. Hazel and I sewed the ribbons onto the towels and now we have some pretty Valentine's Day towels.

Inspired by the Conversation Heart Faith Wreath Craft Kit at Oriental Trading, we used kits we had from a few years ago and added the scripture labels. Instead of using the decorations on the small hearts we decorated the larger hearts since the scripture sayings were on the small ones. Not as nice as the Oriental Trading ones, but I already had the kit and did not want 12 of them.

Last year we bought these glass vases at the Dollar Tree. Our plan was to decorate them and give one to each grandmother and keep one. It didn't happen. The Dollar Tree is selling them again this year. To decorate them we used the Scripture Stickers from Current Catalog. Current Catalog was kind enough to send me these as a gift. We also added some conversation heart stickers and some gem stickers. Hazel has decided we need to keep all three. Now we just need to make some paper flowers to put in them for her party next week.
My Vase

If you do not know Current Catalog, you should check them out. I remember ordering from them as a child and loved getting the personalized stationary. As an adult I went right on ordering from them. They tend to be my go to place when I need stationary and gift wrapping. Before I was married I always ordered my checks from them as well. I am always surprised when my friends haven't heard of them. They sell such fun items. 

On the side of the vases we added the conversation hearts.

So those are a few of our Valentine's Day crafts. There will be more to share soon! If you are looking for more ideas check out: