Busy Weekend

This weekend, Hazel and I headed to Cape Cod to visit my parents. We had a busy Friday morning of doctor's appointments and Move and Groove at the library, then came home for a quick lunch and hit the road for our two hour drive. My mother is attempting to clean through her fabrics and wanted me to look at some in case I would be interested in them and I had two large quilts to layer and it is always easier to layer with someone else (especially someone more experienced than me) and on my mother's bigger cutting table. Plus she offered me fabric for the backings. So up we went.

My father played with Hazel while we worked. Though Friday night was more sorting than anything. Saturday morning we hit the Farmer's Market, and then my father and I moved the cutting table to where my mother wanted it (out of the basement). Then while Hazel and my father napped we went to the fabric store for more safety pins (and I of course bought more fabric).

Saturday afternoon we spent the day preparing the backings. Having such large quilts, the backings took a long time. Then we layered the largest one. We finished it by 9:30 p.m. and decided that was enough for one day. We did the other one this morning including piecing the batting. But the two large quilts are layered and ready to be quilted. Now to find time to do that.

Of course after finishing them, I had to take Hazel to one of her favorite places to go--Snow's. They have model trains set up and buttons the kids can push. They already had their Christmas trains added to the mix. A child's dream to visit. But of course, if we are going to the center of town, we have to stop at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow. They have delicious coffee, tea (chai in particular for me), chocolates and candies made there, and ice cream (made near where I live). What more could you want from a store? Needless to say this is a daily stop when we are up there. My mother and I got iced chais and I splurged and got a caramel and chocolate covered apple (my fall weakness) and got Hazel a chocolate witch pop and chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Then my mother and I had the chais as we watched the trains and did a little shopping. I got some Christmas gifts at Snow's and some a sticker book for Hazel and some fake pine trees for Hazel and I to decorate for her dollhouse at Christmas time.

Then it was time to go for lunch. We had BLT's with tomatoes from my father's garden and tomato fresh mozzarella (from the Farmer's Market) and basil salads. Then it was time for the drive home. It is good to be home, but I'm tired! Hazel slept on the way home, so she is full of energy.

We came home to see a tree was gone (Steve had it cut down while we were gone), and he did a lot of yard clean up so it looks great. And of course two cats who missed us as well as Steve. Now it is time to start quilting, but I guess I should unpack first.

How was your weekend?