Reusable Grocery Bags and book reviews

Today's craft was finally making some reusable grocery bags. The ones I have from the stores are getting worn and I don't find them easy to clean, so I bought some home dec fabric on clearance for $2/yard and made these bags. I used the pattern from One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins. For the second bag, I changed the handle length because I like longer handles so I can carry more bags by putting some over my shoulder. I have more to make, but found this pattern to be easy and use only a yard of fabric. Plus they are machine washable. I have some denim that I bought ages ago and never made the project so I think that will become more bags as well.
Side by Side Comparison

Following pattern
With my changes

Hazel's favorite books from the library right now are Forever Friends by Carin Berger and Snow Ponies by Cynthia Cotten. Forever Friends is a nice book that goes through all the seasons with a bird and a bunny. It is an easy quick read for a bedtime story. She likes the pictures. Snow Ponies is really a winter book about Old Man Winter and his ponies. Again I think she likes the pictures because when I ask her questions about what is happening she really doesn't know, yet she keeps asking me to read it over and over. It is one I definitely want to take out again in the winter.

Tonight we celebrated my birthday (which is tomorrow). Hazel was so excited to go to Spinelli's and get a cake. She didn't want to eat dinner--just wanted cake. Oh, well. She had fun. Here is a picture of the beautiful cake.

Well, good night!