More Sewing, Serging and the Great Outdoors!

Our goal today was to do something fun outside. After church, we headed to Rockport, but hit traffic so we turned around and went to Salem. By the time we got there, we were hungry, so we went to lunch. We started outside on a patio, but the wind blew, and Hazel threw a tantrum, so we moved inside. I can't wait until she is over the fear of everything blowing away. We had a nice lunch and then walked around the waterfront and went on the Salem Friendship. Hazel wanted to go on the big ship, so we did. I think Daddy enjoyed the most once we were on it. We continued our walk to a favorite coffee shop of ours. And then it was time to head home since it was well past nap time and we had a tired girl.

It was wonderful to get outside in the beautiful weather today though. The temperature was perfect and the sun was shining. Can't ask for a more perfect day.

Hazel was dressed in her newest outfit that I made her. Let's just say she was feeling "ducky". I started it awhile ago, but finished it yesterday. Having the serger makes things so much easier and quicker. I used Simplicity pattern 6958 for all of it, including the purse.

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday!